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Sunday, December 31, 2006

Cowgirl's Predictions for 2007

On this last day of the year, I just read a couple of polls Drudge linked to. One poll determined that Americans are optimistic about the upcoming year, although they were concerned about the war in Iraq. The other poll indicated that Americans think they personally are doing great, but that the new year will bring: another domestic terrorist attack, more global warming, and even worse natural disasters.

So, here is my take on this.

My family and I are doing fine. We are healthy, happy, and in fairly good shape financially. So is everyone we know. Even the people we know who live paycheck to paycheck are happy with their lives. This is because we are Americans, and we are self-confident, self-reliant, and hard-working by nature. It may be genetic.

Being optimistic about our lives does not mean that we live with our heads stuck in the sand. This world is very dangerous. Guess what? It always has been. As a child growing up a stone's throw from SAC HQ during the Cuban Missile Crisis, the threat of nuclear anniliation is simply something I have lived with all my life. I still grew up; I still achieved; I still looked forward to the future.

When I was in high school and college, we were told to expect another ice age. That didn't happen. Now, we are being told to expect all sorts of disasters due to global warming. Let me make this clear. Changing climates is a natural process. It has happened since the beginning of the world. We cannot stop it; we did not cause it. Having grown up in tornado alley and being somewhat accostumed to tornadic disasters, here's a tip. Make sure you have a storm shelter and insurance. If disaster strikes, you start over. You deal with it. You don't rely on anyone except yourself.

The difference today, is that we are in a global war. Some Americans do not believe we are at war. They are wrong. Having served on the border with the Minutemen, I have seen the bad guys sneaking into our country armed with their assault rifles, and the Lord only knows what was in their packs. It is well documented that satchel (suitcase) nukes have been brought into the country. At some point, there will be an attack here. Is there anything I can do to stop it? Probably not. But what I can do, and what we can all do, is demand that our government step up to the plate. By securing our borders and enforcing our laws, and by putting national security first and foremost on the agenda, the federal government could go a long way to mitigating the damage future attacks will cause. If you are reading this, you have internet access. If you have internet access, you can send emails. Compose a few good emails to encourage your congressmen, senators and the president to protect our country, gather the addresses of your elected representatives, and fire off those emails every time you think about it. That is about all we can do to effect a change at the national level.

However, at the personal level, there is much we can do as individuals. The Red Cross has disaster training courses. Take them. Take the First Aid classes as well. Make sure you have at least a week's worth of food, water, and medicine at all times. If you live in the city, work out an escape route. If you live in the country, plant a garden so you will have food no matter what happens. Buy guns and learn how to use them. These are areas in which we do have control over our destiny. Planning for a real threat is not pessimism, it is realism as well as optimism.

My personal opinion is that there will be no major attacks on US soil until after President Bush leaves office. He is viewed as a wild card by the bad guys, and they know there would be swift and awesome retribution for any attacks here during his watch. As to natural disasters, well, let's put emphasis on the word "natural." If they happen, we deal with it.

So, I am looking forward to 2007 as a year where I will live my life. I will enjoy each day. I will love my family and my friends. I will worship my God and give thanks continually that I was born in the only country in the world which is truly a Christian country. And, I will also be vigilant. If that makes me a vigilante, then, so be it.

UPDATE: Big Lizards has an excellent analysis of the "Perils of Pakistan." This post also has brilliant commentary by Cowgirl.


Saturday, December 30, 2006

One Less Evil Person in the World Today

I, for one, slept a little better last night, knowing there was one less evil person in the world. No regrets here that Saddam is no longer with us. In the words of my unadmirable Governor Rick Perry, "Adios, Mo-Fo."

Well, we did get a good rain last night, that was badly needed. As I wrote yesterday, we almost always get rain when the President comes home. We didn't actually need the tornados, which apparently caused the President, First Lady and the critters some inconvenience, but we did need the rain.

Michael Totten has a Part I and a Part II relating to Lebanon. It is very long, but very enlightening. Independent journalists like Michael provide us with information and insight we wouldn't get otherwise.

The President still has not pardoned the two border patrol agents who are scheduled to report for prison January 17th. Please continue to inundate the White House ( and Attorney General Gonzales ( with emails demanding these agents be pardoned. This is another example of a total absence of justice, when law enforcement officers can be prosecuted and convicted for doing their jobs.

Well, after the high winds and rain last night, it appears Cowchild and I will be busy with outside clean-up today. At least we aren't having to shovel snow.

Cowgirl out.


Friday, December 29, 2006

Cowgirl's Back Online

Due to a whole raft of internet access problems, I've been sorely missing everything that has happened the past week. The techies were out yesterday, and it appears all is well....finally. So, let's dig in.

I was in the last bit of college during the Nixon resignation and President Ford's term in office. As a major in political science, our class assignments involved watching the Watergate hearings. After being totally immersed in that mess for months, President Ford was a breath of fresh air. He seemed like a nice man busy doing his job. He was the President we needed at the time, and he truly did inherit a mess of a nation to lead. We worn torn from Vietnam and Watergate; many of us weren't that keen on detente, but all in all, President Ford managed to restore some semblance of normalcy to our country. He served us well. God speed, sir.

Also passing away was James Brown. I have enjoyed his music since I was a child. Another milestone.

And in a pre-obit, it looks like the evil Saddam has finally pushed the envelope too far. It will be interesting if he is transferred to Iraqi custody and does not "escape" before his execution. For the millions he murdered in the most inhumane and sadistic fashions, and for putting out a hit on Big Daddy Bush, hanging is too good for him. Drawn and quartered would be too humane for what he deserves. Enough said.

Apparently the state bar association is filing ethics charges against District Atty. Mike Nifong in the Duke Lacrosse fiasco. It's about time. I know I have written about the DA's abuse of power several times. This was so clearly an opportunistic bid to win re-election. The tragedy is the ruination of the lives of the young men involved. The state bar better disbar this guy. He deserves it.

The President still has not pardoned the two border patrol agents who are scheduled to report for prison January 17th. Please continue to inundate the White House ( and Attorney General Gonzales ( with emails demanding these agents be pardoned. This is another example of a total absence of justice, when law enforcement officers can be prosecuted and convicted for doing their jobs.

The FDA, in its infinite wisdom, has concluded that meat and dairy products from cloned animals are safe to eat. Okay. But I ain't buying it, either figuratively or literally. This is one of those many times I am so glad I produce my own chem-free meats, dairy and vegetables. Which reminds me, I'm low on pork in the freezer. Time to raise some pigs again.

Things to do. It's good to be back online. Cowgirl out.

UPDATE: I just love it when the President comes home to Texas. We've got rain!! I'm considering calling him The Rainmaker.


Saturday, December 23, 2006


How ridiculous is this? I suppose it would be okay if the care packages came from the ACLU. Cowgirl


The Minutemen Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) has been informed by commanders of the National Guard troops stationed on the United States—Mexico border that they will not be permitted to distribute care packages during the holiday season to 156 National Guard personnel stationed on the border. The event dubbed Operation Christmas Stocking was originally cleared by field command, suddenly on Monday of this week MCDC was notified that because of political reasons which involved orders from Governor Napolitano and high level commanders the offering of holiday support was nixed.

After several attempts to appeal to the sympathies of unit commanders, a statement released today by Major Paul Aguirre Public Affairs Office, AZ National Guard states “The National Guard is very appreciative of your thoughtful offer during this holiday season. However, based on operational, safety, and security reasons we will be unable to support your request to … distribute your care packages to our soldiers and airmen”.

The care packages were organized in an effort to demonstrate appreciation to the National Guard troops, from states other than Arizona, who have volunteered for the assignment to secure the border from terrorists, drug cartels and illegal crossings rather than spend their holiday season with their families in Michigan, Tennessee and North Carolina.

“We are grateful to the members of the National Guard who understand the importance of securing our borders and therefore we wish to demonstrate our appreciation for their sacrifice during the holiday season,” stated Chris Simcox, Founder and President of the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps. “Soldiers are always sent care packages while stationed on the front lines in combat and the US-Mexico border is the front line on the War on Terror.” It is a shame they are punished by the politically motivated discriminatory acts of Governor Napolitano and the open borders lobby in Washington, D.C.”

MCDC now has 156 cares packages that were to be delivered to Sasabe, Arizona on Saturday. The care packages include store bought cookies and candies, sunscreen, skin lotion, chap stick, long underwear and various other personal items to help our troops cope with the Sonoran desert region where they have been assigned.

The Minuteman Civil Defense Corps (MCDC) is a peaceful, law-abiding citizen-led initiative organized to stand watch at our borders, report illegal activities to the proper authorities, and build border fencing on private lands using private donations. Additionally, MCDC seeks to urge local and federal officials to enforce our laws in order to keep our families and country safe. MCDC conducts border watch operations that assist the activities of the U.S. Border Patrol, reports employers of illegal aliens and keeps tax dollars from being used for illegal alien benefits.

YOU can make a REAL DIFFERENCE. The politicians will talk; the liberal media and the “Hate America” crowd will offer AMNESTY to law breakers. The Minutemen will ACT in defense of America!


Christmas Eve Eve

It's starting to feel a bit like Christmas here in North Central Texas this morning. The early morning temperature is 39 deg. with the high forecasted to be in the low 60's. That's actually perfect. If this is global warming, I'll take it!!! Now, on to the news!!

So, now the rape charges have been dropped on those poor kids from Duke, who had the bad luck to hire a psycho stripper for a party. I am really hoping their parents have attorneys lined up to sue the hell out of the District Attorney.

Mitt Romney, the Republican governor of Massachusetts, is planning to officially throw his hat in the presidential race in a couple of weeks. So far, I like this guy. Should be interesting.

Apparently, Zawahiri, the second in command at Al-Qaeda Central, has issued a verrryyy long video, telling the Democrats in America that their winning of Congress last month was a loss for America and a win for Al-Qaeda. Heck! I could have told you that!

Big Lizards has a couple of posts on the recent elections in Iran, offering excellent analysis of the situation in that country, despite the insane rhetoric of their President, the crazed Ahmadinejad.

Cowgirl out.


Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Morning Quick Notes

Good Morning!! This has been an interesting week. I have learned a few things. For one, I have learned that when there is a blizzard in Colorado, my internet connection goes out in Texas. Thus, a couple of days of internet withdrawal to add to the already chaotic Christmas season. I have also learned that the traffic in the metroplex is horrendous. New Year's Resolution, go to the metroplex as little as possible. Also, one should never wait until the last few weeks before Christmas Eve to snag the tamales for the traditional Christmas Eve meal. For those of you unaware of the Texas tradition of serving homemade tamales for Christmas Eve, be advised that any mom who fails to score the tamales lives in fear of a major rebellion in her household. However, at the last minute, just as pure panic was setting in, my legal source of tamales came through. Adding to the chaos, also checking in was the part of the family who had been so non-committal about what to do for the holidays, that we had just planned to proceed without them. They, too, resurfaced yesterday, with ideas but without a solid commitment. So, we shall have an interesting few days ahead. Good thing my little family is flexible. Now for the news.

It seems that SMU in Dallas is the front-runner for the location of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. That seems crazy to me. SMU is right in the middle of Dallas. You have to go all the way into Dallas to get to it. See New Year's Resolution above. Bad idea, Mr. President.

I have a real problem with the 8 Marines being charged with unpremeditated murder. They had just been attacked. They are fighting a war in which the enemy hides behind women and children. They have both a right and a duty to respond appropriately to a perceived threat. This is BS.

My new hero is Representative Virgil Goode from Virginia for having the guts to take on CAIR and the gutless Democratic Representative Bill Pascrell of New Jersey. Goode is criticized for taking a stand on both legal and illegal immigration. Oh, that's right. Only liberals and other seditionists are allowed to publicly express their concerns and opinions.

And for the "feud" between the obnoxious and hair-style challenged, Donald Trump and the equally obnoxious and sanity-challenged Rosie O'Donnel, this can be summed up very simply: FREE PUBLICITY for both, courtesy of major news networks who have no clue what "news" actually is supposed to be.

As mentioned in a previous post, Russia has now, in fact, taken over the majority ownership in the Russian oil production project begun by Shell and others, and is now turning its sights on British Petroleum's interests in the country. Somebody try to convince me the Russian bear is no longer in hibernation.

And, finally, true to its treasonous, anti-American tenents, the New York Times has published an outline for terrorists, advising them, in great detail of where the vulnerable points for attack are in New York, and the amount of explosives needed to inflict major damage. In the middle of a world war, a major American newspaper publishes this type of information, and no one does anything about it? Glad I don't live in New York.

Well, that's it for now. A last few errands to run today, and then Cowgirl will not be leaving the ranch until after Christmas.

Cowgirl out.


Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tuesday Evening - So much for Sears

UPDATE: It appears that Sears has pulled the Aztlan t-shirt from the online catalog. A commenter brought it to my attention that the link below no longer works. I checked under men's novelty t-shirts, which is where I round the Aztlan shirts, and they are no longer there. Also interesting, is that all the Mexican Pride shirts are on the very last page of the men's novelty t-shirt section.

I received an email today, about Sears selling Aztlan t-shirts. I tried the link, but it didn't work. So, I thought maybe this was untrue.

However, I just had time to check the Sears catalog online, and guess what? They have two different Aztlan t-shirts. Click on the highlighted text to see the page.

I am now adding Sears to the places I will never shop again. Amazing to think that Sears exists only because of generations of Americans, and yet, they are promoting those who want to overthrow our government.


Tuesday Morning Quick Comments (at least I think it's Tuesday)

UPDATE: Just saw this on Numbers USA.
NBC News said Tuesday it will air an hour-long documentary about illegal immigration in the Roaring Fork Valley of Colorado. The network said it spent eight months "reporting on the myths and truths about illegal immigration in this pristine stretch between Aspen and Vail," which has seen an influx of Hispanics, mostly from Mexico. "Tom Brokaw Reports: In the Shadow of the American Dream" is scheduled to air Dec. 26.

Since I don't watch NBC anymore, I would have missed this. You might want to put it on your calendar. I can scarcely wait to see the glossy spin NBC puts on this invasion of that formerly "pristine stretch" of land between Aspen and Vail. I have heard of this influx from Minutemen in Colorado, who are actively working to encourage the state and local government to crack down on this activity.

Hillary Clinton says she wouldn't have voted for the Iraq War. I must say, I have a lot of respect for people with firm convictions. No respect due here.

Europe is bracing for a terror attack during the Christmas holidays. Did it ever occur to anyone that the threat of terrorism is, in itself, terrorism?

Kudos to the Belize Police Dept. for "nabbing" fugitive homegrown U.S terrorist, 41 year old Ernest James Thompson, who, according to Leonard Hill, Deputy Chief of Mission, U.S. Embassy, “... was initially arrested in 2003 in connection with plots in the United States to poison water supplies and to do a number of other things. He subsequently pleaded guilty to charges dealing with Al Qaeda in Afghanistan and providing various types of material support to the Taliban as well in Afghanistan.”
Good catch and Thanx!!
UPDATE: There should have been a huge hat tip to Lance because this was actually his scoop! Lance, if I'd known, the hat tip woulda been there from the start!!

Lord Monckton, Would you like to serve in the U.S. Senate? Get this. In an open letter to Sen. Rockefeller (D-WV) and Sen. Snowe (R-ME), he wrote: "You defy every tenet of democracy when you invite ExxonMobil to deny itself the right to provide information to 'senior elected and appointed government officials' who disagree with your opinion." In case you missed this story, as did I, apparently, "Senators Rockefeller and Snowe released an open letter dated October 30 to ExxonMobil CEO, Rex Tillerson, insisting he end Exxon's funding of a "climate change denial campaign." The Senators labeled scientists with whom they disagree as "deniers," a term usually directed at "Holocaust deniers." Some voices on the political left have called for the arrest and prosecution of skeptical scientists." Isn't that just typical of the libs? They can't win on facts, so they just squelch those who disagree with their nonsense. Sounds kinda communistic to me. Hmmm...

Busy day ahead. Must dash! Cowgirl out.


Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Morning

The "youths" again! Apparently, several hundred "youths" violently protested the closure of a "youth center" in Copenhagen, throwing "cobblestones, bottles and fireworks at police and erected blazing barricades made from Christmas trees, trash cans and bicycles.." However, all is not what it seems, as the root of the problem is explained at the end of the article:
The conflict over the youth center has been brewing since 2000 when local government sold the building that houses the center. Left-wing activist have been using the center as a base since 1982.

The current owners have a court order to have the squatters evicted but the youths have sworn to protect the house and have repeatedly called for a political solution.

John Edwards, not the entertaining psychic, but unfortunately, the smarmy former Senator of North Carolina who outted Mary Chaney during the vice presidential debates, is going to run for President again. Yuck!

Just as I predicted, the old Russia returns! Check out this article about the government's reaction to a protest over the Putin regime's withdrawal from democracy, and see if this doesn't sound very much like something that could have been written during the Cold War.

Cowgirl out.


Saturday, December 16, 2006

Saturday Morning This n That

Looks like Americans aren't adopting Ukraine babies fast enough, since babies, not just fetuses are being used for stem cell harvesting. Seems a tad inhumane to me, but what do I know? I'm not a liberal who thinks product testing on animals is bad, but killing human babies to harvest stem cells is ok.

Head of DNA lab says he and Nifong agreed not to report results. I tell you what. That DA should be removed from office and disbarred, and those Duke athletes should sue that jerk in civil court for bazillions!

Uh-oh! Now 300 people ill after eating at Olive Garden. Who is going to guess it has something to do with the salad? Note to self: stop at health food store to pick up vegetable wash.

There is still no Presidential pardon for the 2 Border Patrol agents convicted of shooting a drug runner in the ass. Click on the highlighted text above for contact links. We must not allow these two men to be sent to prison for doing their job and protecting us! Time is running out. They are to go to prison in January.

Cowgirl out.


Friday, December 15, 2006

Friday Morning Quick Notes

The best news today, is that Cowchild is home for semester break!! We have lots to do, so blogging may be sporadic, as spending time with my child is more important than pretty much anything else.

Well, I looked at the Drudge Report a little earlier, and man.... talk about scraping the bottom of the barrel for news..... sheesh! The most interesting thing was the story about the company who is building a portion of the border fence between the US and Mexico was busted for hiring illegals to build the fence. Now, please keep in mind that this is the US government-funded border fence, not the Minuteman Border Fence. Wonder what, if anything, will result from this revelation?

Senator Kerry says he would be willing to go to Iran to speak to the leaders if he had time. I think he should make time to go to Iran...............and stay there!!!

Powerline has a great piece, "Mr. President, if I may be so bold.." Common sense advice for our President on dealing with Iran. Wouldn't I just love to hear the President make the speech as outlined in this article.

Chores to do. Must dash! Cowgirl out.


Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Deafening Silence

I received this in an email, and decided it needed to be shared. I do not agree with everything in this piece, but I do wonder why such a spectacular series of raids to enforce our laws and defend our citizens is met with such vitrol by the mainstream media and by a gigantic "yawn" at Fox News. Cowgirl

Re: The Swift Packing Plant raids etc. etc. etc.

In regards to the Swift Packing Plant raids, if we were in fact a nation of laws our president, George W. Bush would have had a press conference this evening in prime time television. And probably another one tomorrow night. And maybe the next. FOX news channel would be talking about this exclusively all day long tomorrow and for days to come. Others would follow. Bush would have the Vice President, the Speaker of the house, Ted Kennedy of course, Nancy Pelosi, et al: standing behind him with the grim determined expressions on their faces. They would all applaud his comments and later be making statements to the press, as many press conferences as they could muster. Bush would be announcing the arrests of the invader criminals, arrested with false social security cards, a threat to the system, birth certificates and whatever else they were using to allow them to work undetected for years in our country. Bush would recognize the "Top Dogs" of ICE, immigration, all other federal agencies and their assistants and telling them what an outstanding job they did (they would all get letters in their personnel files for a job well done and some would be presented awards, placards, pins and medals. I know, I've been there), he would also compliment the local law enforcement agencies and thank them for their help, the one's that did. Bush would be saying something about securing and protecting our social security system for our great retired Patriotic Americans who have followed the rule of law throughout their lives, have fought in wars for the security of our nation which the politicians are apparently willing to give away, all in the name of votes, minority dependence, big money and whatever else their selfish reasons may be instead of what they were elected to do in the preservation of our country as we know it. Bush would say, there are but two parties, Patriots and Traitors! He would announce how we will go after all employer's who hire these invader criminals, we will go after landlords he would say, we will go after anyone who breaks the laws of our nation he would say, we will cut off all social programs to these criminal invaders he would say and they will go back the way they came he would say. We did not import them (a lie) and we do not have to deport them he would say. They will simply go home he would say! WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS! he would say. This illegal immigration invasion is an act of aggression he would say. The country of Mexico and all the others will have to take care of their own he would say. They must go home! he would say. Our sworn duties, he would say, as elected officials is to secure our borders and our nation from foreign invaders and terrorist for the security of our nation of laws, for the future of our children the same as fighting the war on terrorism in Afganistan, Iraq and the Middle East. He would give an eloquent speech. We would all have goose bumps and be proud. Our goose bumps would have goose bumps because we would be so proud. Chills would go up and down our little spines. We would be proud American Citizen Patriots as we were under Ronald Reagan when the wall came down, John Kennedy when the Russians backed down with the Communist Dictator Castro and Harry Truman who bombed us out of World War II.

Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, and even Combs and all of the others would be gushing over Bushes leadership and patriotism and this is all they would talk about for weeks on end as the news would show the hordes of people leaving our country by whatever means. There would be talk of a "third term". More lost jobs for Americans, wages back to where they belong they would say. Our Social Security system is now safe they would say.

The media would be talking to the illegals as well, the one's not in our overcrowded jails and they would be saying what terrible people we are to not absorb their families, the millions of criminal invaders into our social systems that they would and could bankrupt the same as Skilling, you know, as in the Enron debacle. At how terrible we are to ruin their Christmas season and not to let them pursue a better life because "we are just good hard working people looking for a better life"! You should ignore the fact that we break the law coming to your country even though all of you "Gringo's" have to obey the laws of your land or immediately go to jail.

The Mexican President would be denouncing the United States (especially the "has been" Vicente Fox) for sending all of the poor hard working people home for the Mexican Government to have to deal with, all 12% of the hardened felon criminals home, and all the rest. The Mexican government as well as others would have to do their job and take care of their own instead of us Americans or, they would just go along the way they do with their criminal governments with business as usual in their "Third World Countries". Ignoring their people as our government has been ignoring us on the matters of THE INVASION and criminal illegals. Heads of all of the organizations would be angry, what will happen to our membership they would ask? Less members, less butts in the pews! (somebody had to say it!, I will) No matter the security of our nation, our American citizens, it's all about what their smaller memberships or cash flow would mean to them. The big money guys, the lobbists, the huge corporations and some not so huge who donate to all political parties, the endowments, the foundations, all 12% of the special interests groups, and lets not forget the Skulls of which George W and George H W both belong. Could it be?...............Naw

I think you might agree that we have been witnessing major censorship by the media for the last few years, first hand for some time in the area of illegal immigration. Especially but not limited to the alphabet channels. It's not a secret. Ironically it's not because they like George W. Bush (the best friend the Hispanics ever had) but just maybe the Swift raids will change some of this. It has been said that the investigation is not over. If it is not stopped (and they will surely try) by the aformentioned groups we may see some progress. Maybe, maybe not, we will see. If you disagree with me simply delete this message and say adios. If you agree pass it on and in any case,

Best Regards,

Ed Hayes
Kansas Director
Heart of America Chapter Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps


Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kudos to ICE

Congratulations to ICE for finally figuring out what their job is. Thank you so very much for enforcing the immigration laws of the United States and protecting our citizens from identify theft. Please keep up the good work. That is, after all, what we pay you for.

As for Swift & Co., you might consider running $12.00 FBI background checks on your prospective employees, if you cannot ascertain that the dark-skinned, Spanish speaking person applying for the job is probably not Ollie Olafson, as indicated from the papers he presents to you.

As for the mainstream media, you are idiots to try to portray our government agencies finally doing their job as the badguys. Up yours!

As for the whining spouses of the illegals, go home! Feliz Navidad!


Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Morning Quick Comments

Good Morning from north central Texas, where the temperature today is supposed to be in the 70's. Perfect!! Busy day ahead. Must run errands in Cowtown today. I have gotten where I really do not enjoy city traffic, but Costco beckons.....

So, the Clinton Administration spied on Princess Diana, but not on Osama bin Laden. Figures.

My days of mild bean burritos with extra onions, are definitely over.

Following a bah-humbug, "We ain't got time for all this holiday controversy" moment, Sea Tac is putting the Christmas trees back up.

Russia has forced Shell and BP to relinquish their controlling interest in a liquified gas project, thereby nationalizing (or shall we say, "Kremlinalizing") additional natural resources in the country. When are they going to Kremlinalize the McDonalds stores there? Looks like that whole end of the cold war thing didn't last too long. Let's see: Russian President who may or may not ignore the Constitution and stay in office past the term limits, allying with those countries who are enemies of the United States, nationalizing anything in the country that makes a buck,...... shades of the 50's...... this is where I came in.......

Iranian college students demonstrated against Ahmadinejad, even burning pictures of the lunatic. What is it with Muslims and burning stuff? What is the projected life span of an Iranian college student demonstrating against a fanatical Iranian leader?

The Democrats are going to remove billions of dollars in pork (earmarks) from pending legislation. Oh right. I see that happening.

There is actually some good news. Congress finally managed to do something smart, and approved expanded oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, how 'bout that big puddle of oil underneath Colorado? Then, we could be self-sufficient energy-wise and no longer send vast amount of monies to fund terrorist operations against us.

Cowgirl out.


Saturday, December 09, 2006

Saturday Morning Tidbits

Cripes! 9', 500 lb dead shark washed up on the beach in Corpus Christi, TX. Holy moly!!

A 22 year old Rockford IL man who had recently converted to Islam was arrested yesterday and charged with planning to "... commit acts of violent jihad against targets in the United States as well as commit other crimes." Apparently, the plan began with an attack on 12/22, the Friday before Christmas, when he was to set off hand grenades at a shopping mall.

Great. Home grown nut jobs. Wonderful. However, major kudos to the FBI for thwarting yet another terrorist plot.

Captain Ed has some choice words to say about this as well.

You would not think it possible that there could be any remaining "unpublished" photographs of Marilyn Monroe. However, there are.... well, there "were." They have now been published and you can see them by following the link on this page.

UPDATE: The Cowboy has finally left for work after two days "off", so now I can finish my morning post.

Big Lizards has a great post about the ACLU suing Donald Rumsfeld et al " individuals.... for exercising their normal official duties." Brilliant post. Also worth mentioning again, is the Big Lizards analysis of the Iraq Study Group Report. Again, brilliant!

Cowgirl out.


Friday, December 08, 2006

URGENT!! Now my other Senator is off the reservation!!

From: Roy Beck, President, NumbersUSA
Date: Friday 8DEC06 4:30 p.m. EST

Backroom negotiations underway to bring 90,000 MORE foreign NURSES next year -- Phone to stop


We've just learned that the other Texas Republican Senator (Kay Bailey Hutchison) is negotiating furiously to pass a foreign nurses bill tonight.

While Sen. Cornyn (R-TX) remains stymied in passing his bill to increase overall skilled workers by several hundred thousand next year, Hutchison is greasing the skids for another slam against American nurses.


Capitol Switchboard

Choose from the following in what to say:

1. I just heard that Sen. Hutchison is nearing a deal to import another 90,000 foreign nurses next year.

2. I oppose yet another effort to undercut the wages and working conditions of American nurses.

3. The country has tens of thousands of trained nurses who are waiting for working conditions to improve before returning to their field. If you keep importing foreign nurses, the improvement will never happen.

4. Unless you want to stop American girls and boys from pursuing nursing careers in the future, you must stop turning it into a foreign profession.

5. Sen. Hutchison's chronic efforts to flood the country with foreign nurses are thwarting the ability of the free-market system to entice and reward career choices based on what skills are needed by our society. Sen. Hutchison is ruining the nursing profession year by year.

6. Adjourn, end this Congress and go home without adding ANY more foreign workers of any kind.

7. Many politicians such as Sen. Hutchison seem to believe that because nursing is a tough, demanding job that the pay and working conditions should be constantly undermined and that only "foreign serfs" should do the work. That is a terrible principle. In our society, the tougher the job and the more difficulty in filling it, the more pay should increase and the more employers should strive to improve the working conditions. Efforts like Sen. Hutchison's represent an unethical kind of classism that should be repugnant in a 21st century American Congress.

If you are reading this, please call -- because most people won't see this email in time!


After you have called your two Senators, we have a few very special leaders who need extra calls, if you have time, and especially if you live in their state or region:

Senate Majority Leader Frist (R-TN)
Senate Majority Whip McConnell (R-KY)
Senate Minority Leader Reid (D-NV)
Senate Minority Whip Durbin (D-IL)
House Speaker Hastert (R-IL)
House Majority Leader Boehner (R-OH)
House Majority Whip Blunt (R-MO)
House Minority Leader Pelosi (D-CA)
House Minority Whip Hoyer (D-MD)
Senate Judiciary Chairman Specter (R-PA)
Senate Judiciary Ranking Member Leahy (D-VT)
House Judiciary Chairman Sensenbrenner (R-WI)
House Judiciary Ranking Member Conyers (D-MI)

I certainly hope you Texans are doing everything you can to let your two Senators know how disappointed you are them. MAKE SURE THEIR HOME STATE OFFICES ARE GETTING A LOT OF CALLS, TOO.

Let's not let all of our American nurses (both native-born and foreign-born) down. They deserve the support of all of us in this
moment of great threat.

Sen. Hutchison has succeeded in sneaking through similar giant increases in foreign nurses in past years. She has to be competing for the title of the Most Anti-Nurse Person in America.


-- ROY

P.S. You all have done a remarkable job of keeping the phones busy all day today in the Senate on the Cornyn H-1B bill.

The word we had from many congressional staffers today is that the tech industry lobbyists -- especially Microsoft lobbyists -- are fit to be tied. They cannot believe that so many Members whom they thought they had purchased with campaign contributions are standing up against them on this bill. You know the only reason they are standing up is because of your pressure/support. We are told that the lobbyists have begun calling some congressional offices in tirades hurling all kinds of threats about the future.

You've held them off this long. Keep the pressure today until the switchboards close. Our goal is that the House will leave town later this evening before the Senate has passed Cornyn or Hutchison and we will have won. Although the Senate likely will be in session tomorrow, it won't do any good for them to pass something that the House has not already passed, since the House won't be around to vote on anything after it leaves town.



This is an urgent call to action from Numbers USA.



This is an urgent request to phone your U.S. Senators today and give them this message:

"Do NOT entertain debate on Sen. Cornyn's H-1B bill. Oppose all increases in H-1B visas."

As you may already know, Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX) is trying to ram through provisions to radically increase visas for foreign workers in the tech, nursing, physical therapy, science and engineering fields.

The only way to defeat this last-minute desperation attempt by high-tech Robber Barons to keep wages low is if Senate offices are stunned today by the public outcry against this disreputable maneuver.

A swarm of Microsoft lobbyists -- surely reeking of musty giant wads of campaign contributions -- buzzed and stung their way through Senate offices Wednesday, demanding that they and others of their ilk be given hundreds of thousands more foreign workers next year.

Tell your Senators to NOT let Sen. Cornyn's bill come up on the floor for any kind of discussion.


Americans had been assured that the clock had already run out on this kind of trick play. Congress was supposed to be in session this week just to pass a Continuing Resolution to keep the federal government funded.

But high tech's lobbyists -- desperate to continue to hold down their industries wages with foreign labor -- have stopped the legislative clock.

A team of Microsoft blockers, tackles and fleet-footed lobbyists (10 of them!) roamed the Senate hallways Wednesday looking for a way to score on their usual last-minute, rule-breaking, end-of-Congress style.

Many times in recent years, Microsoft and other tech lobbyists have managed to sneak major H-1B increases into legislation just as Con gress was leaving town.

Since being publicly embarrassed in the late 1990s by debating the merits of this kind of legislation publicly, Congress has declined to pass these H-1B visa increases in the light of day (i.e., with standard debate and usual voting procedures).

But nearly all Hill staffers we've spoken with told us they had received assurances from congressional leaders that no such tactics would be forthcoming this year.

On Tuesday, Senate staffers were stunned to see Sen. Cornyn suddenly emerge as the person willing to bring shame on himself by carrying the Robber Barons' water and force his pet project ahead of all others.

We sent an email to all our members last Friday, asking for steady pressure on Senators to make sure they knew public sentiment in case something like this happened.

Then, Tuesday afternoon, we got word that Sen. Cornyn was trying to ram his bill onto the Senate floor. We went to our members in states whose Senators often fight for American workers against foreign labor importation. We stirred up a flurry of phone calls.

We were pleased that, by late Tuesday, many of those Senators had placed "holds" on Sen. Cornyn's bill. Nevertheless, those holds tend to only slow the process down for a while and can be lifted if Senate leadership so chooses. The word we had late Wednesday was that the "holds" were breaking as Microsoft's lobbyists gathered more support.

Go here for contact information for your Senators and Congressmen. Fax 'em, email 'em, and phone 'em today!! Thanx so much, Cowgirl


Friday Morning Tidbits

Well, it is a very cold morning in North Central Texas.... 22 degrees. The high is only to be in the mid-40's. However, the sky is crystal clear, so it should be a beautiful day. I'm sure hoping Cowboy doesn't have a lot of outside tasks lined up for us. I'm thinking it might be a good day for a fire in the fireplace and reading a good book.

Interesting aside: Apparently, the offed ex-Russian spy, Alexander Litvinenko, was not only working against Russian interests in Chechnya and Iran, but he converted to Islam while in the hospital shortly before his death. Sadly, because of the radioactivity contained in his corpse, the Muslim funeral service was held sans corpse. My gosh! We certainly wouldn't want a mosque contaminated with radioactivity.

This is rich. Apparently, former President Clinton, while giving a talk at The Hague on global warming, could not resist putting in his two cents' worth on the results of the Iraq Study Group, on which he is as qualified to speak as he is on global warming. He indicated that talks with Iran and Syria could "ease the bloodletting Iraq" and that it would also be in Tehran's interest, followed by the statement, "Right now the Iranians don't want to do anything" because the Iranians are enjoying giving "America heartburn." Huh? We should talk to them, but they have no reason to want to talk to us? Sheesh! Next he compared the situation in Iraq to Bosnia. You will recall, that Bosnia really is synonomous with the word "quagmire", not to mention we had no particular reason to get involved in anything in the former Yugoslavia.

OK. Let's see. From the President who gave our nuclear technology to China and North Korea, who did absolutely nothing when Americans and American interests were attacked overseas, who repeatedly tried to sell out Israel to the Palestinians, who hamstrung our intelligence agencies, and who was the absolute worst President since Jimmy Carter, he has the audacity to comment on the war in Iraq? I suppose he got some good sound bites to give our enemies more ammunition against our current President, but true to form, he continually contradicted himself. That is what happens when you don't really believe in anything. The word is "equivocating."


Thursday, December 07, 2006

Pearl Harbor Day, the Red Dress & Onions

Pearl Harbor Day. Again. In our family, we have a tradition of watching Tora, Tora, Tora every December 7th. I wish our nation was as united today against the terrorist barbarians who want to destroy our way of life and kill us, as it was this day in 1941. Powerline and Victor Davis Hanson have some thought-provoking commentary on the subject.

Well, phooey! Of the variety of raw veggies at Taco Bell, you might know that my decades-long stand-by, a mild bean burrito with extra onions, would involve the one e-coli tainted vegetable found at Taco Bell. Drat, drat and double drat!

Although it is not unheard of, a tornado touching down in London is very, very rare. For those of us who routinely live under the threat of big and bad tornadoes, this one sounded more like a dust devil, but it did do some damage. Of course, you've gotta remember that the building in the picture was most likely pretty old.

Oh my gosh! The horror!! Three women attended a White House party wearing the identical $8,500 dress that the First Lady was wearing. OK. Setting aside the most obvious question involving why the hell anyone would pay $8,500 for a dress, and the whole part about how much money the designer made on that particular design at that particular party, well....moving on. I'm just thinking, that if those women had shopped at Foley's, Macy's, Second Hand Rose, or Goodwill, each outfit would likely have been an original design at that party, and at a fraction of the cost of the apparently mass-produced designer dress. It would be a cold day in hell before I would spend even $300 for a dress, much less $8,500!!! Of course, this is coming from someone who got married wearing a sweater, jeans and cowboy boots, so perhaps I am not the ideal fashion commentator. In all fairness, the dress all 4 women wore was spectacular, but then again........ it certainly should have been at that price!!!

Cowgirl out.


Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Ya know..........

This is from the website: (the Selective Service System)


If you are a man ages 18 through 25 and living in the U.S., then you must register with Selective Service. It’s the law. You can register at any U.S. Post Office and do not need a social security number. When you do obtain a social security number, let Selective Service know. Provide a copy of your new social security number card; include your complete name, date of birth, Selective Service registration number, and current mailing address; and mail to the Selective Service System, P.O. Box 94636, Palatine, IL 60094-4636.

Be sure to register before your 26th birthday. After that, it’s too late!

Selective Service does not collect any information which would indicate whether or not you are undocumented. You want to protect yourself for future U.S. citizenship and other government benefits and programs by registering with Selective Service. Do it today.

(emphasis added by Cowgirl to highlight the more insane parts of this memo)


Wednesday Morning Head-Spinners

Wow! In a bizarre parallel universe kind of twist, the incoming chair of the House Intelligence Committee (they should really think of a better name for this committee of moroons), Sylvestre Reyes, has changed his position on Iraq, from voting against the war resolution and advocating "cut and run", to increasing the troop strength 20 to 30,000 and "distancing himself from many of his Democratic colleages who have called for fixed timetables for the withdrawal of U.S. troops."

So let me get this straight. If the Democrats say a war is ok, then it is ok with the liberals and the media. When the Republicans say we need to protect our country by going wherever in the world we must to fight and kill those who attacked our country and killed thousands of our citizens, that is abhorrent to the liberals and the media. No media bias here.

Now, I can just hardly wait to read the brilliant recommendations made by the bipartisan Iraq Study Group, when they are released today. The Washington Post article this morning indicates that the group has concluded that we have lost the war, the region is in chaos, and we need to sell out Israel. Who elected these guys to anything? What a bunch of defeatist Bozos! Especially intriguing is the part about negotiations with Syrian and Iran. Hello? Aren't they the major problem with Iraq? Isn't Syria facilitating transport of terrorists and weapons into Iraq? Isn't Iran paying for the terrorists and their weapons, as well as training said terrorists in the use of said weapons? So sorry.... head spinning.... this does not make sense..... these people are idiots!

Here are some interesting statistics for you to consider this morning:

Up to 9.4 percent of the all persons born in Mexico were living in the United States in 2005, according to the report. In the same year, 14 percent of Mexican workers had jobs on U.S. soil, compared to 2.5 percent of Canadians.

Based on data from the Census Bureau 2006 Current Population Survey, Batalova found that Mexicans accounted for nearly one-third of the 22.6 million foreign-born workers in the United States, or almost 5 percent of the total civilian labor force.

More than 11 million illegal immigrants, most of them from Mexico, live in the United States, according to the Pew Hispanic Center, another think tank in Washington that follows immigration trends.

Now add to that these statistics:

As documented in Illegal Alien Crime Wave in Full Swing, in April 2005, the GAO released a report on a study of 55,322 illegal aliens incarcerated in federal, state, and local facilities during 2003. It found the following:

· Of the 55,322 illegal aliens studied, researchers found that they were arrested a total of 459,614 times, averaging about 8 arrests per illegal alien

· They were arrested for a total of about 700,000 criminal offenses, averaging about 13 offenses per illegal alien.

· 36% had been arrested on at least 5 prior occasions; 22%, 2 to 4 times; and only 12% once.

· 49% had previously been convicted of a felony: 20% of a drug offense; 18%, a violent offense; and 11%, other felony offenses.

· 56% of those charged with a reentry offense had previously been convicted on at least 5 prior occasions.

· 81% of the arrests occurred after 1990

· Defendants charged with unlawful reentry had the most extensive criminal histories. 90% had been previously arrested. Of those with a prior arrest, 50% had been arrested for violent or drug-related felonies.

Plus this from Rep. Steven King of Iowa:
Twelve Americans are murdered every day by illegal aliens, according to statistics released by Rep. Steve King, R-Iowa. If those numbers are correct, it translates to 4,380 Americans murdered annually by illegal aliens. That's 21,900 since Sept. 11, 2001.

Total U.S. troop deaths in Iraq as of last week were reported at 2,863. Total U.S. troop deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan during the five years of the Afghan campaign are currently at 289, according to the Department of Defense.
But the carnage wrought by illegal alien murderers represents only a fraction of the pool of blood spilled by American citizens as a result of an open border and un-enforced immigration laws.

While King reports 12 Americans are murdered daily by illegal aliens, he says 13 are killed by drunk illegal alien drivers – for another annual death toll of 4,745. That's 23,725 since Sept. 11, 2001.

So, it looks like it is safer for an American to be fighting terrorists in Iraq than to drive down illegal alien infested roads in America to Taco Bell for a snack.

And for your reading enjoyment, once again, I will direct you to leave the Cowgirl and mosey on over to Big Lizards for a daily dose of really good writing.

Well, must dash. Cowboy is home this morning and wants to move the cows, so I must morph into my "human gate" identity.

Cowgirl out.


Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Tuesday Morning Musings

Weather report from north central Texas: clear and cold. Supposed to get into the 60's today, so it should be a gorgeous day. Please keep Cowgirl in your prayers today as she will risk it all journeying north on I-35 today in amongst all the tractor-trailer rigs generally going about 80 mph, bumper-to-bumper. A true nail-biter of a trip.

Well, the Drudge Report this morning is a bust for much of anything to write about.

I did enjoy the x-ray of the armed hunk. The x-ray really shows all the weapons clearly. As far as I'm concerned, if that is what it takes to properly screen passengers at the airport, then so be it. The flying public can simply choose whether or not they want to fly under the terms and conditions of necessary security measures. Pretty simple, really.

Reuters report on the President not routinely discussing his job with his father.... yawn, another non-story from al-Reuters. My dad, brother and I were all lawyers, but we didn't talk law when we got together. In fact, we avoided it like the plague. The only problem we had was when we went out to eat. We all fought over the place at the table with it's back to the wall. Round tables in the corner worked out best.

Apparently, in the bus shelters in San Francisco, in an effort to sell milk, the shelters are being scented with the smell of cookies. Aren't bus shelters kinda.... well.... open air? I'm wondering how you could smell the cookie scent while being overwhelmed with the smell of exhaust? It must make sense. People are sooo much smarter in California.

Moving along... Captain Ed has a good post on the CAIR v. Prager feud, writing that,
"Yesterday CAIR issued a statement demanding the removal of Dennis Prager from the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Council for a matter completely unrelated to the Holocaust. Prager had objected to newly-elected Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison's plans to use a Qur'an for his oath of office rather than the Bible."
No matter what your personal opinion of using the Qur'an rather than the Bible to swear an oath of office in the United States, the point that I'd like to make is that CAIR is certainly getting very visible and "in-your-face." First we have the bizarre Traveling Imam charade, and now this. Let's just look to Western Europe and the U.K. to see how this whole thing of letting Muslims have control in formerly democratic countries is working out. Reality check time, folks. If you haven't been to London lately, let me just tell you, it doesn't feel like you are in London. I haven't been to France in a while, but if you keep up with the news stories, all those "youths" setting the country ablaze and killing Jews and anyone else who gets in their way, are not what we normally think of as "the French."

The good Captain has another tidbit I've not heard about elsewhere, having to do with Kim Jong-Il of North Korea running a state sponsored insurance scam. What will that sneaky little bugger think of next. First the counterfeiting of US currency and now killing his citizens, and the state falsifying the cause of death, and filing insurance claims against manufacturers of the products which are the alleged cause of death. Pathetic.... but sneaky....

And now I'll go for the big finish.... the feel-good post of the day..... hatched by Dafydd at Big Lizards, entitled: "Borg Culture: Steyn, Jihad, and the End of Predestinarianism" I'm not going to spoil the sheer joy of reading and savoring this post. Just take a tip from Cowgirl and read and savor it.

Cowgirl out.


Monday, December 04, 2006

Bolton Resigns

Well that just stinks!


Monday Morning Musings

Good Morning! Clear skies last night brought the temps way down. It's 26 degrees here this morning. When I let the Cowdogs out, they ran away (as usual), but returned very quickly once they realized how cold it is.

Going through the Drudge Report, there are a few interesting items:

Jimmy Carter talks of funeral plans - sorry to be so harsh, but the sooner the better. I used to think he was a good person, just completely wrong about every single thing. Now I think he is a traitor, a socialist, the epitome of anti-American liberalism. No doubt the people of Venezuela adore him for certifying the previous bogus elections allowing their country and treasury to be taken over by the crazed dictator Hugo Chavez. Then there is that nuclear technology in exchange for nothing deal that he worked out with North Korea during the Clinton administration. That worked out well. Yep, the sooner the better.

Hilary Clinton may or may not be running for President in 08. No news there. If she does, liquidate your bank accounts, stock up on weapons and ammo, and head for the hills.

Muslims want prayer rooms in airports. This might suprise you, but I don't have a problem with that. Maybe we can get Jimmy Carter to get the Russians to agree to a polonium-210 in exchange for nothing deal, and we can put that into an air freshener in the prayer rooms. Are we just going to give our country away to any group who squeals the loudest? Especially a group whose leaders have repeatedly said they plan to conquer our country and kill us? For Pete's sake! Quit giving in to these people! What part of "they want to kill us" do people not understand???

The Jerusalem Post reports that Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and Palestinian Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh held talks in Doha, Qatar on Friday about which the Islamic Republic News Agency reported Saturday Ahmadinejad saying, "As everybody knows, the Zionist regime was created to establish dominion of arrogant states over the region and to enable the enemy to penetrate the heart Muslim land." and also commenting that "the Israeli regime was inherently a "threat," and was "on the verge of disappearing"

I have two questions and one comment on this article:
A. Don't we have anyone in Qatar who could have taken these two bad guys out? Do we really have Black Ops, or is that just a fiction for books and movies?
B. I've got it from a very reliable source (that would be God, as stated numerous times in his best-seller, The Bible), that Israel ain't going away, but Persia is gonna get its ass kicked. Works for me. Maybe we will really luck out, and Jimmy Carter will be in Iran at the time, trying once again to broker a sellout of America and Israel.

But, all is not lost. Read Thomas Sowell's post today entitled "Flickering Signs." It is well worth the read.

And on that happy note, Cowgirl out.


Sunday, December 03, 2006

More Bits and Pieces

Today is a perfectly gorgeous day in north central Texas. The temp is 42, with a wind chill at 34, but the skies are crystal clear. Tonight, the temp is supposed to drop into the mid-20's. Brrr!! Cowboy made a stick-to-your-ribs (and hips) Shepherd's Pie for dinner, and it was yummy comfort food on a cold day. Since I am now too full to do anything else, I found some more interesting bits and pieces to post.

DEBKAfile Exclusive: The Palestinian terrorist band heading for attacks on Israeli holidaymakers in Sinai is the same group which kidnapped Gilead Shalit on June 25. The story goes on to say "It is a joint Hamas-Jihad Islami- Popular Resistance Committees team plus members of the Islamic Army (aka al Qaeda-Palestine)", who are hooking up with a "large al Qaeda force of 70 men, which infiltrated Sinai on July 31 and has not yet struck,....... suggesting that al Qaeda may be holding its fire until the winter holiday season which begins with the eight-day Jewish Channukah starting on Dec. 16, followed eight days later by Christmas, when many thousands of foreign and Israeli tourists usually crowd Sinai’s beaches and hotels.

I'm thinking I would not enjoy holiday travel in Israel.

Debbie Schlussel has a great story of one passenger's account of the terrorizing behavior of the Traveling Imams (a/k/a the Flying Imams). Read it and the comments.

I am apparently obsessed with this story.


This and That

In case you have never heard of Northern Alliance Radio, this is a fantastic talk show link.
  • . Go to the programs page and look at the schedule.

  • Hugh Hewitt
  • has lots of great links to organizations you can contribute to for the benefit of our troops.

  • Powerline
  • has a great interview with Mark Steyn, which you can listen to by following the link at

  • LaShawn Barber
  • has some good, but blood-chilling, information on illegal aliens working in "secure" areas of airports.


    Saturday, December 02, 2006

    Why We Should Pay Close Attentions to the Russians & More on the Traveling Imams

    While the offing (not to be confused with the recent American tradition of outing) of Russian dissenters has no real effect on us here in the States, perhaps one should step back and view the larger picture here. If President Putin has actually ordered the offing of his critics, the question is "Why?" My guess is that we shall soon witness the attempted rise of the Big Russian Bear, complete with rigged or no elections, dictator, dispensing of the Constitution, and increased strongman posturing to return to the international stage in superpower status.

    Remember, this country was presumably our ally, leading up to the invasion of Iraq.....only to find out later that they were up to their neck in the double-dealing Oil for Food Scam. Now, we know they are building nuclear facilities for the Iranians, who have pledged to kill us. How is your comfort quotient with the Russians doing about now?

    How would this be possible for a country with high unemployment, a crappy economy, nothing anyone wants to buy, except for nuclear technology and unstable, aging nuclear weapons, and oil. Funny how you never hear much about Russian oil. OK, so the government has oil revenue from an oil industry that has been nationalized. That would enable the government to have a good amount of liquid assets to purchase whatever they need for the military. You know there's no trickle down economics there, so that the Russian people benefit from the oil revenue. But, my guess is the big money is coming from the oil rich terrorist countries of the Middle East, purchasing as much weapons grade nuclear material as fast as they can, along with old Cold War era nukes. Obviously, the Russians are now experimenting with other weapons of mass destruction, as evidenced by the recent poisonings in the UK. That does, and will, affect us, and the world in general. You know this isn't going to work out well for the Russian civilians, but it isn't going to work out too well for the rest of us either. Better watch closely how this all unfolds.

    More on the Traveling Imams

    Powerline ( has a good compliation on the Traveling Imams Story. My take on the whole thing, is they set out to terrorize the other passengers and flight crew just by their behavior. The airline acted appropriately under the circumstances, although I would not have had a problem with Federal Air Marshals, or even the passengers beating the crap out of those guys. This only requires use of the "reasonable person test." A reasonable person would see the TI's acting like hijackers, and either alert the flight crew, or spring into action and disable them. Also using the reasonable person test, a reasonable Muslim cleric (although I have no proof there is such a creature), would not draw attention to themselves in that way, knowing that there is a very good chance they will either get: (a) the crap beat out of them by other passengers, or (b) removed from the airplane. The fault in this instance is squarely on the TI's who chose to terrorize their fellow passengers.

    Well, there was more I was hoping to muse upon this morning, but Cowboy is home today, and that means constant interruptions, so rather than turn the dogs on him, I'll just not bother trying to do anything other than be available to carry and fetch (should he be repairing something), or turn myself into a human gate (should he decide to move the cattle), or whatever else is required for his project du jour.


    Friday, December 01, 2006


    This was sent out by the Federation for Immigration Reform (FAIR) and is a call to action for all of us. Please make the phone call today!! Cowgirl

    Department of Justice "Unaware" of Congressional Request to Investigate the Prosecution of Two Border Patrol Agents

    During the last year, Border Patrol Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Alonso Compean were criminally prosecuted, convicted, and sentenced to serve years in prison for doing their job - protecting America from drug and illegal alien smugglers at our southern border. Those who have been following the case with us have been dismayed at the injustice of criminally prosecuting border patrol agents while granting immunity to a drug smuggler, who was carrying 743 pounds of marijuana into the U.S., to testify against the agents. The smuggler - who received medical care at William Beaumont Army Medical Center in El Paso, Texas - is now suing the Border Patrol for $5 million for violating his civil rights.

    For months FAIR has been working with members of Congress to raise awareness of this case. One member who has been leading the charge is Congressman Walter Jones (R-NC). Over the past four months, Congressman Jones has written seven letters to the Bush administration regarding the Ramos and Compean case: three to Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, one to Press Secretary Tony Snow, and three to President Bush himself. Indeed, one of the letters sent to Attorney General Gonzales was signed by 22 members of Congress; another by six members. However, during a radio interview on The Keith Larson Show (WBT Charlotte) this week, Attorney General Gonzales stated that he was "unaware" of the Congressman's letters.

    However it may be that Attorney General Gonzales has not seen these letters, this inattention to the plight of two Border Patrol agents who risked their lives daily to protect our country from smugglers bringing drugs, guns, and illegal aliens into our country is unacceptable.

    Agents Ramos and Compean have been ordered to surrender to federal authorities on January 17th, 2007 to begin serving their prison sentences.

    Please call Attorney General Gonzales and ask him to recommend to President Bush that these agents be pardoned! You can reach the Office of the Attorney General at (202) 353-1555.