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Thursday, December 14, 2006

The Deafening Silence

I received this in an email, and decided it needed to be shared. I do not agree with everything in this piece, but I do wonder why such a spectacular series of raids to enforce our laws and defend our citizens is met with such vitrol by the mainstream media and by a gigantic "yawn" at Fox News. Cowgirl

Re: The Swift Packing Plant raids etc. etc. etc.

In regards to the Swift Packing Plant raids, if we were in fact a nation of laws our president, George W. Bush would have had a press conference this evening in prime time television. And probably another one tomorrow night. And maybe the next. FOX news channel would be talking about this exclusively all day long tomorrow and for days to come. Others would follow. Bush would have the Vice President, the Speaker of the house, Ted Kennedy of course, Nancy Pelosi, et al: standing behind him with the grim determined expressions on their faces. They would all applaud his comments and later be making statements to the press, as many press conferences as they could muster. Bush would be announcing the arrests of the invader criminals, arrested with false social security cards, a threat to the system, birth certificates and whatever else they were using to allow them to work undetected for years in our country. Bush would recognize the "Top Dogs" of ICE, immigration, all other federal agencies and their assistants and telling them what an outstanding job they did (they would all get letters in their personnel files for a job well done and some would be presented awards, placards, pins and medals. I know, I've been there), he would also compliment the local law enforcement agencies and thank them for their help, the one's that did. Bush would be saying something about securing and protecting our social security system for our great retired Patriotic Americans who have followed the rule of law throughout their lives, have fought in wars for the security of our nation which the politicians are apparently willing to give away, all in the name of votes, minority dependence, big money and whatever else their selfish reasons may be instead of what they were elected to do in the preservation of our country as we know it. Bush would say, there are but two parties, Patriots and Traitors! He would announce how we will go after all employer's who hire these invader criminals, we will go after landlords he would say, we will go after anyone who breaks the laws of our nation he would say, we will cut off all social programs to these criminal invaders he would say and they will go back the way they came he would say. We did not import them (a lie) and we do not have to deport them he would say. They will simply go home he would say! WE ARE A NATION OF LAWS! he would say. This illegal immigration invasion is an act of aggression he would say. The country of Mexico and all the others will have to take care of their own he would say. They must go home! he would say. Our sworn duties, he would say, as elected officials is to secure our borders and our nation from foreign invaders and terrorist for the security of our nation of laws, for the future of our children the same as fighting the war on terrorism in Afganistan, Iraq and the Middle East. He would give an eloquent speech. We would all have goose bumps and be proud. Our goose bumps would have goose bumps because we would be so proud. Chills would go up and down our little spines. We would be proud American Citizen Patriots as we were under Ronald Reagan when the wall came down, John Kennedy when the Russians backed down with the Communist Dictator Castro and Harry Truman who bombed us out of World War II.

Limbaugh, Hannity, O'Reilly, and even Combs and all of the others would be gushing over Bushes leadership and patriotism and this is all they would talk about for weeks on end as the news would show the hordes of people leaving our country by whatever means. There would be talk of a "third term". More lost jobs for Americans, wages back to where they belong they would say. Our Social Security system is now safe they would say.

The media would be talking to the illegals as well, the one's not in our overcrowded jails and they would be saying what terrible people we are to not absorb their families, the millions of criminal invaders into our social systems that they would and could bankrupt the same as Skilling, you know, as in the Enron debacle. At how terrible we are to ruin their Christmas season and not to let them pursue a better life because "we are just good hard working people looking for a better life"! You should ignore the fact that we break the law coming to your country even though all of you "Gringo's" have to obey the laws of your land or immediately go to jail.

The Mexican President would be denouncing the United States (especially the "has been" Vicente Fox) for sending all of the poor hard working people home for the Mexican Government to have to deal with, all 12% of the hardened felon criminals home, and all the rest. The Mexican government as well as others would have to do their job and take care of their own instead of us Americans or, they would just go along the way they do with their criminal governments with business as usual in their "Third World Countries". Ignoring their people as our government has been ignoring us on the matters of THE INVASION and criminal illegals. Heads of all of the organizations would be angry, what will happen to our membership they would ask? Less members, less butts in the pews! (somebody had to say it!, I will) No matter the security of our nation, our American citizens, it's all about what their smaller memberships or cash flow would mean to them. The big money guys, the lobbists, the huge corporations and some not so huge who donate to all political parties, the endowments, the foundations, all 12% of the special interests groups, and lets not forget the Skulls of which George W and George H W both belong. Could it be?...............Naw

I think you might agree that we have been witnessing major censorship by the media for the last few years, first hand for some time in the area of illegal immigration. Especially but not limited to the alphabet channels. It's not a secret. Ironically it's not because they like George W. Bush (the best friend the Hispanics ever had) but just maybe the Swift raids will change some of this. It has been said that the investigation is not over. If it is not stopped (and they will surely try) by the aformentioned groups we may see some progress. Maybe, maybe not, we will see. If you disagree with me simply delete this message and say adios. If you agree pass it on and in any case,

Best Regards,

Ed Hayes
Kansas Director
Heart of America Chapter Director
Minuteman Civil Defense Corps


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