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Friday, December 22, 2006

Friday Morning Quick Notes

Good Morning!! This has been an interesting week. I have learned a few things. For one, I have learned that when there is a blizzard in Colorado, my internet connection goes out in Texas. Thus, a couple of days of internet withdrawal to add to the already chaotic Christmas season. I have also learned that the traffic in the metroplex is horrendous. New Year's Resolution, go to the metroplex as little as possible. Also, one should never wait until the last few weeks before Christmas Eve to snag the tamales for the traditional Christmas Eve meal. For those of you unaware of the Texas tradition of serving homemade tamales for Christmas Eve, be advised that any mom who fails to score the tamales lives in fear of a major rebellion in her household. However, at the last minute, just as pure panic was setting in, my legal source of tamales came through. Adding to the chaos, also checking in was the part of the family who had been so non-committal about what to do for the holidays, that we had just planned to proceed without them. They, too, resurfaced yesterday, with ideas but without a solid commitment. So, we shall have an interesting few days ahead. Good thing my little family is flexible. Now for the news.

It seems that SMU in Dallas is the front-runner for the location of the George W. Bush Presidential Library. That seems crazy to me. SMU is right in the middle of Dallas. You have to go all the way into Dallas to get to it. See New Year's Resolution above. Bad idea, Mr. President.

I have a real problem with the 8 Marines being charged with unpremeditated murder. They had just been attacked. They are fighting a war in which the enemy hides behind women and children. They have both a right and a duty to respond appropriately to a perceived threat. This is BS.

My new hero is Representative Virgil Goode from Virginia for having the guts to take on CAIR and the gutless Democratic Representative Bill Pascrell of New Jersey. Goode is criticized for taking a stand on both legal and illegal immigration. Oh, that's right. Only liberals and other seditionists are allowed to publicly express their concerns and opinions.

And for the "feud" between the obnoxious and hair-style challenged, Donald Trump and the equally obnoxious and sanity-challenged Rosie O'Donnel, this can be summed up very simply: FREE PUBLICITY for both, courtesy of major news networks who have no clue what "news" actually is supposed to be.

As mentioned in a previous post, Russia has now, in fact, taken over the majority ownership in the Russian oil production project begun by Shell and others, and is now turning its sights on British Petroleum's interests in the country. Somebody try to convince me the Russian bear is no longer in hibernation.

And, finally, true to its treasonous, anti-American tenents, the New York Times has published an outline for terrorists, advising them, in great detail of where the vulnerable points for attack are in New York, and the amount of explosives needed to inflict major damage. In the middle of a world war, a major American newspaper publishes this type of information, and no one does anything about it? Glad I don't live in New York.

Well, that's it for now. A last few errands to run today, and then Cowgirl will not be leaving the ranch until after Christmas.

Cowgirl out.


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