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Saturday, December 30, 2006

One Less Evil Person in the World Today

I, for one, slept a little better last night, knowing there was one less evil person in the world. No regrets here that Saddam is no longer with us. In the words of my unadmirable Governor Rick Perry, "Adios, Mo-Fo."

Well, we did get a good rain last night, that was badly needed. As I wrote yesterday, we almost always get rain when the President comes home. We didn't actually need the tornados, which apparently caused the President, First Lady and the critters some inconvenience, but we did need the rain.

Michael Totten has a Part I and a Part II relating to Lebanon. It is very long, but very enlightening. Independent journalists like Michael provide us with information and insight we wouldn't get otherwise.

The President still has not pardoned the two border patrol agents who are scheduled to report for prison January 17th. Please continue to inundate the White House ( and Attorney General Gonzales ( with emails demanding these agents be pardoned. This is another example of a total absence of justice, when law enforcement officers can be prosecuted and convicted for doing their jobs.

Well, after the high winds and rain last night, it appears Cowchild and I will be busy with outside clean-up today. At least we aren't having to shovel snow.

Cowgirl out.


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