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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Investment?!?! Sheesh, why didn't I think of that??

In an article entitled "Fear and Greed Have Sales of Guns and Ammo Shooting Up", the increase in the purchase of guns and ammunition is accredited to, "...stocking up... in anticipation of new gun-control laws, while others say they're worried about deteriorating public safety as the economy worsens.....But it's also clear that part of the gun-buying rally is driven by people ... who are buying weapons the way others invest in a hot stock."

Well, dadgummit! Here I've been patiently explaining to people that the possibility of severe gun control laws is looming on the horizon, that as conditions break down in the country, people will turn feral, and, of course, you never know what the Feds have up their sleeves.

And, now I realize, all I had to say was, "Oh that AR? It's just an investment."

Note to self: Henceforth, "It's just an investment."


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