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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Tuesday Morning Quick Comments

Good Morning from north central Texas, where the temperature today is supposed to be in the 70's. Perfect!! Busy day ahead. Must run errands in Cowtown today. I have gotten where I really do not enjoy city traffic, but Costco beckons.....

So, the Clinton Administration spied on Princess Diana, but not on Osama bin Laden. Figures.

My days of mild bean burritos with extra onions, are definitely over.

Following a bah-humbug, "We ain't got time for all this holiday controversy" moment, Sea Tac is putting the Christmas trees back up.

Russia has forced Shell and BP to relinquish their controlling interest in a liquified gas project, thereby nationalizing (or shall we say, "Kremlinalizing") additional natural resources in the country. When are they going to Kremlinalize the McDonalds stores there? Looks like that whole end of the cold war thing didn't last too long. Let's see: Russian President who may or may not ignore the Constitution and stay in office past the term limits, allying with those countries who are enemies of the United States, nationalizing anything in the country that makes a buck,...... shades of the 50's...... this is where I came in.......

Iranian college students demonstrated against Ahmadinejad, even burning pictures of the lunatic. What is it with Muslims and burning stuff? What is the projected life span of an Iranian college student demonstrating against a fanatical Iranian leader?

The Democrats are going to remove billions of dollars in pork (earmarks) from pending legislation. Oh right. I see that happening.

There is actually some good news. Congress finally managed to do something smart, and approved expanded oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. Now, how 'bout that big puddle of oil underneath Colorado? Then, we could be self-sufficient energy-wise and no longer send vast amount of monies to fund terrorist operations against us.

Cowgirl out.


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