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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Words I Prefer to Hear and Not to Hear in 2006

It is a warm and sunny day here on the ranch. Very difficult to believe this is December 31st. Texas weather! You just never know what to expect.

In my morning musings, I was thinking about words, or strings of words, I would love to NOT hear (or read) in 2006.

Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
Dick Durbin
New York Times
Unnamed source
Michael Jackson
The Ditch Witch (I cannot bring myself to even type her sorry name)
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter (unless it is in the obituary column)
Amnesty for illegal aliens
New Orleans

(NOTE: More words may be added to this category.)

On the other side of the coin, here are some words or strings of words, I would love to hear about in 2006.

Cancer Cured
Iranian Revolution
Bin Laden dead for years
Iraqi WMD found in Syria
Americans rebuilding Iraqi and/or Afghani infrastructure
Israeli rocket attack pinpointing yet another terrorist
Rebuilding on the Gulf Coast (other than New Orleans)
EU Collapses

(NOTE: More words may be added to this category.)


Friday, December 30, 2005

Wouldn't 2006 Be Great If....

Musing on this next to the last day of the year, naturally, turns to thoughts of what 2006 may bring us. Being an optimist, I would love to think that it will be a good year, and that everything will go well for everyone. Being a realist, I know the optimist part of my nature, will be disappointed in many ways.

Here is what I would like to happen in 2006, in the order they come to mind, not necessarily in the order of importance.

1. Our borders are secured by our military troops, and illegals within our borders are rounded up and deported, never to return.

2. The GOP inside the Beltway get a clue that unless they start acting like the majority in their respective august houses, they will shortly revert to minority status.

3. Income tax is completely abolished. Same with property taxes.

4. Domestic drilling (and that includes ANWAR) goes into full swing, and new refineries and pipelines are built in this country.

5. My family and everyone else that I love and care about, enjoy a year of health, happiness, and safety. This one, of course, is the most important to me, and for it to come to pass, depends to a large extent on the other 4, but mostly to the grace of God.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

Michael Totten's Article on Libya Is Well Worth the Read

Michael Totten has written an amazing article on the conditions in Libya. Take the time to read it.


Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The (Limited) News Fast Continues

Although I am on a news fast, perusing the blogs is still on the daily agenda. Let's face it, I am a news junkie. The great part about reading the blogs, is that you can read what you want, and skip what you know will make your blood pressure sky-rocket. You do not have to suffer through nonsensical, infuriating sound bites from Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi/Howard Dean (interchangeable) in order to get to the next segment that you are actually interested in. So, today, I am reading only selected posts.

I ran across the most interesting "flow chart" pertaining to the War in Iraq. It is on Logic Times, which I got to following the trail from Right Wing News and Blogs for Bush.

The information on the chart gives you everything you will need in the way of facts to rebut the anti-war crowd. Not that Democrats appear to be interested in facts, but if there are any eavesdropping bystanders, they will be impressed.

On Captains Quarters today, is an uplifting post entitled Centrist Dems See 2006 Slipping Away, Too, Captain Ed gives a logical presentation why having "killed the Patriot Act" will turn out to be bad news for the Democrats this next year. Now, that really brightens my day.

Matt Margolis has another encouraging post, Democrats Suddenly Claim To Care About Protecting Americans, pointing out, among other things, the hypocrisy of the Democrats' eagerness to condemn the President for using wiretaps to protect this country from terrorist attacks, while at the same time condemning the President for not fingerprinting and photographing foreigners who enter this country by legal means. Bizarre reasoning at its finest.

And now, after noticing the time, Cowgirl must face reality, and get to work.


Tuesday, December 27, 2005

80 Degrees/40 mph wind/and some thoughts on Katrina

Two days after Christmas, and the temperature yesterday was in the lower 80's. What can you say? Texas weather. Today is supposed to be just as warm, but with about a 40 mph wind. At least I was able to turn the heaters off.

After perusing the fave blogs this morning, and glancing at the Drudge Report and FNC online, I have decided to continue my news fast for another day. With the exception of the story commented on at Blackfive , relating to the Sun Herald's story about the plight of Mississippians in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

As we know, the southern Gulf Coast was hit with a tsunami-like wave, larger than that which nailed SriLanka. There was nothing anyone could have done to prevent either the wave or the damage resulting therefrom. Compare to New Orleans, which, as this story points out, has been designated by the major media as the poster-child for Katrina's wrath.

Now, as you may remember, the morning after Katrina struck New Orleans, every single MSM reporter in New Orleans, was rattling on and on about how "The Big Easy" had dodged another bullet. The rest of the Gulf coast (including coastal Lousiana) was devastated, but, hey! No problem. New Orleans was safe. Until the levees began to leak. Then, suddenly, there were lough cries about the failure of FEMA to evacuate New Orleans. Dunderheads who didn't have enough snap to get the hell out of the way of a forecasted Category 5 hurricane in a city below sea level, had to wade out of their neighborhoods. A mayor who had plenty of time to put his famiy on a plane to Dallas, and enjoy a fine dinner in a posh restaurant while awaiting the hurricane, completely blew off the formal evacuation plans (which were even posted on the city's website), and prohibited FEMA and other relief agencies from sending food and water to the people who did actually go to the shelters as indicated by said evacuation plan. A U.S. Senator from Louisiana and the Governor of the same state, have had the audacity to cry and whine and demand more Federal monies for building and/or repairing levees, but have not explained what happened to the billions of dollars poured into that State in the past decades for that express purpose.

My sympathies, such as they are, go to the citizens of New Orleans. I trust you have learned that your local and State government is not only corrupt, but unbelieveably stupid. I hope that you have figured out that a forecasted Cat. 5 means, "Leave now!" I pray that in the next emergency you face, you will try to take care of yourself and not wait for others to risk their lives to rescue you.

On the other hand, are the forgotten people of the rest of the Katrina-ravaged area. You have been great. You have been virtually ignored by the media, and based on the "squeaky-wheel" effect, have likely not gotten as much assistance as you need from federal and other relief agencies. Still, you have "made-do", in the tradition of real Americans, when faced with major challenges. No doubt, you surveyed the damage the morning after the storm, uttered a few choice words, and then went about trying to figure out what to do to return your little piece of this world to it's pre-storm condition. It will take a long time. Your towns and infrastructure weren't developed overnight, nor will they be replaced overnight. May God give you strength, wisdom and discernment, and a more than generous helping of humor, because you are going to need all of those attributes while you re-build your lives. Also, please know, there are many Americans out here, who have sent as much as we could to you, in the form of money, food, clothing, and actual boots on the ground. We applaud you and will help you if you will just let us know what you need.


Monday, December 26, 2005

Day after Christmas Musings & Possible New Year's Resolution

Another Christmas has now been relegated to history.

As we, on the ranch, have traditionally done, today is the day we put away the Christmas decorations. The older I get, time seems to be marked by "putting up the Christmas decorations," and "taking down the Christmas decorations." And, the time in between taking down and putting up, seems to speed by.

Christmas Day here on the ranch turned out to be a beautiful and unseasonably warm day. Our extended family joined us and it was a wonderful time of just being with people you love. I am always thankful for the people in my life, and look forward to the few times each year that most of them are gathered together in one place.

Everyday should be a special day in which we live in the moment and enjoy what that day brings. In our hurry-up world, we often find ourselves thinking about the past or wondering about the future, but rarely, are we simply soaking up the "now."

Maybe that will be my New Year's Resolution? In fact, I think it will be. Living each day to the fullest, seems like it would be a lot easier than say, losing 30 pounds or exercising for an hour everyday, or quitting smoking. Yes, indeed. "Living" seems like an excellent resolution.


Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to our Representatives in Congress


1. Get to work! I don't care if you miss your "holiday" (I call it Christmas) break. You have done absolutely nothing this past year, so tough.

2. If you do not pass legislation to drill in ANWAR, all will know that our elected officials are not the least bit interested in independence from foreign oil sources.

3. Re-authorize the Patriot Act in its original form. It has been working well so far, and you folks just screw up everything you touch, so leave it alone, and make it permanent.

4. Get our borders sealed and I mean NOW! Then start rounding up illegal aliens, fingerprint them, iris scan them, photograph them, and then send them back to wherever they came from. And, don't let them back in....ever. Anyone advocating any form of an amnesty program will not get my vote....ever.

5. Banish, forever, the Alternative Minimum Tax. I, for one, am barely making ends meet as it is, what with outrageous property taxes and sky-high insurance premiums, not to mention all the charitable donations to tsunami and hurricane relief this past year. If I cannot use my lawful deductions to reduce my federal taxes, I sure won't be able to continue doing my part to keep the economy rolling (or to donate any money to any political party). What are you people thinking?

6. The only other thing you should do is pass a bill limiting future bills to the subject matter at issue. It is very wrong for you to hide objectionable and wasteful (read that as "pork") legislation in bills that are important to our country. We are on to you, by the way, and we are watching.

7. A word to the Democrats. Your behavior is disgusting. You are sending the message to our country and to the world that our President is less than honorable, that our troops are savages, that our national heritage is worthless, and that nothing is worth fighting for. There is not a one of you that I have any respect for. If you want to change my opinion, you will have to work at it, and that means putting the good of the country before your own personal agenda. I know. Fat chance of that.

8. A word to the Republicans. Let me explain this as simply as possible. In a democratic republic, the majority rules. The Republicans are currently the majority. Therefore, there is no excuse for you to be unable to do the job you were sent to Washington to do. Many of us plain ol' citizens are thinking that maybe we need new Republicans in Congress, as well as more Republicans in Congress. As best I can tell, the only person in D.C. who is trying to do what he promised to do, is the President, and I am tired of seeing my President left twisting in the wind by his own party.

9. And finally, a word to the people who are leaking our country's secrets. If this current bunch of elected officials don't hunt you down and lock you up and/or execute you, we, the citizens, will elect other officials who will do so. We do not appreciate you aiding and abetting our enemies.

Merry Christmas. (p.s. I think you should give back your pay raises. You sure don't deserve them.)