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Friday, December 29, 2006

Cowgirl's Back Online

Due to a whole raft of internet access problems, I've been sorely missing everything that has happened the past week. The techies were out yesterday, and it appears all is well....finally. So, let's dig in.

I was in the last bit of college during the Nixon resignation and President Ford's term in office. As a major in political science, our class assignments involved watching the Watergate hearings. After being totally immersed in that mess for months, President Ford was a breath of fresh air. He seemed like a nice man busy doing his job. He was the President we needed at the time, and he truly did inherit a mess of a nation to lead. We worn torn from Vietnam and Watergate; many of us weren't that keen on detente, but all in all, President Ford managed to restore some semblance of normalcy to our country. He served us well. God speed, sir.

Also passing away was James Brown. I have enjoyed his music since I was a child. Another milestone.

And in a pre-obit, it looks like the evil Saddam has finally pushed the envelope too far. It will be interesting if he is transferred to Iraqi custody and does not "escape" before his execution. For the millions he murdered in the most inhumane and sadistic fashions, and for putting out a hit on Big Daddy Bush, hanging is too good for him. Drawn and quartered would be too humane for what he deserves. Enough said.

Apparently the state bar association is filing ethics charges against District Atty. Mike Nifong in the Duke Lacrosse fiasco. It's about time. I know I have written about the DA's abuse of power several times. This was so clearly an opportunistic bid to win re-election. The tragedy is the ruination of the lives of the young men involved. The state bar better disbar this guy. He deserves it.

The President still has not pardoned the two border patrol agents who are scheduled to report for prison January 17th. Please continue to inundate the White House ( and Attorney General Gonzales ( with emails demanding these agents be pardoned. This is another example of a total absence of justice, when law enforcement officers can be prosecuted and convicted for doing their jobs.

The FDA, in its infinite wisdom, has concluded that meat and dairy products from cloned animals are safe to eat. Okay. But I ain't buying it, either figuratively or literally. This is one of those many times I am so glad I produce my own chem-free meats, dairy and vegetables. Which reminds me, I'm low on pork in the freezer. Time to raise some pigs again.

Things to do. It's good to be back online. Cowgirl out.

UPDATE: I just love it when the President comes home to Texas. We've got rain!! I'm considering calling him The Rainmaker.


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