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Sunday, December 17, 2006

Sunday Morning

The "youths" again! Apparently, several hundred "youths" violently protested the closure of a "youth center" in Copenhagen, throwing "cobblestones, bottles and fireworks at police and erected blazing barricades made from Christmas trees, trash cans and bicycles.." However, all is not what it seems, as the root of the problem is explained at the end of the article:
The conflict over the youth center has been brewing since 2000 when local government sold the building that houses the center. Left-wing activist have been using the center as a base since 1982.

The current owners have a court order to have the squatters evicted but the youths have sworn to protect the house and have repeatedly called for a political solution.

John Edwards, not the entertaining psychic, but unfortunately, the smarmy former Senator of North Carolina who outted Mary Chaney during the vice presidential debates, is going to run for President again. Yuck!

Just as I predicted, the old Russia returns! Check out this article about the government's reaction to a protest over the Putin regime's withdrawal from democracy, and see if this doesn't sound very much like something that could have been written during the Cold War.

Cowgirl out.


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