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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The (Limited) News Fast Continues

Although I am on a news fast, perusing the blogs is still on the daily agenda. Let's face it, I am a news junkie. The great part about reading the blogs, is that you can read what you want, and skip what you know will make your blood pressure sky-rocket. You do not have to suffer through nonsensical, infuriating sound bites from Harry Reid/Nancy Pelosi/Howard Dean (interchangeable) in order to get to the next segment that you are actually interested in. So, today, I am reading only selected posts.

I ran across the most interesting "flow chart" pertaining to the War in Iraq. It is on Logic Times, which I got to following the trail from Right Wing News and Blogs for Bush.

The information on the chart gives you everything you will need in the way of facts to rebut the anti-war crowd. Not that Democrats appear to be interested in facts, but if there are any eavesdropping bystanders, they will be impressed.

On Captains Quarters today, is an uplifting post entitled Centrist Dems See 2006 Slipping Away, Too, Captain Ed gives a logical presentation why having "killed the Patriot Act" will turn out to be bad news for the Democrats this next year. Now, that really brightens my day.

Matt Margolis has another encouraging post, Democrats Suddenly Claim To Care About Protecting Americans, pointing out, among other things, the hypocrisy of the Democrats' eagerness to condemn the President for using wiretaps to protect this country from terrorist attacks, while at the same time condemning the President for not fingerprinting and photographing foreigners who enter this country by legal means. Bizarre reasoning at its finest.

And now, after noticing the time, Cowgirl must face reality, and get to work.


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