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Saturday, December 31, 2005

Words I Prefer to Hear and Not to Hear in 2006

It is a warm and sunny day here on the ranch. Very difficult to believe this is December 31st. Texas weather! You just never know what to expect.

In my morning musings, I was thinking about words, or strings of words, I would love to NOT hear (or read) in 2006.

Nancy Pelosi
Harry Reid
Dick Durbin
New York Times
Unnamed source
Michael Jackson
The Ditch Witch (I cannot bring myself to even type her sorry name)
Hillary Clinton
Bill Clinton
Jimmy Carter (unless it is in the obituary column)
Amnesty for illegal aliens
New Orleans

(NOTE: More words may be added to this category.)

On the other side of the coin, here are some words or strings of words, I would love to hear about in 2006.

Cancer Cured
Iranian Revolution
Bin Laden dead for years
Iraqi WMD found in Syria
Americans rebuilding Iraqi and/or Afghani infrastructure
Israeli rocket attack pinpointing yet another terrorist
Rebuilding on the Gulf Coast (other than New Orleans)
EU Collapses

(NOTE: More words may be added to this category.)


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