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Monday, December 26, 2005

Day after Christmas Musings & Possible New Year's Resolution

Another Christmas has now been relegated to history.

As we, on the ranch, have traditionally done, today is the day we put away the Christmas decorations. The older I get, time seems to be marked by "putting up the Christmas decorations," and "taking down the Christmas decorations." And, the time in between taking down and putting up, seems to speed by.

Christmas Day here on the ranch turned out to be a beautiful and unseasonably warm day. Our extended family joined us and it was a wonderful time of just being with people you love. I am always thankful for the people in my life, and look forward to the few times each year that most of them are gathered together in one place.

Everyday should be a special day in which we live in the moment and enjoy what that day brings. In our hurry-up world, we often find ourselves thinking about the past or wondering about the future, but rarely, are we simply soaking up the "now."

Maybe that will be my New Year's Resolution? In fact, I think it will be. Living each day to the fullest, seems like it would be a lot easier than say, losing 30 pounds or exercising for an hour everyday, or quitting smoking. Yes, indeed. "Living" seems like an excellent resolution.


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