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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas to our Representatives in Congress


1. Get to work! I don't care if you miss your "holiday" (I call it Christmas) break. You have done absolutely nothing this past year, so tough.

2. If you do not pass legislation to drill in ANWAR, all will know that our elected officials are not the least bit interested in independence from foreign oil sources.

3. Re-authorize the Patriot Act in its original form. It has been working well so far, and you folks just screw up everything you touch, so leave it alone, and make it permanent.

4. Get our borders sealed and I mean NOW! Then start rounding up illegal aliens, fingerprint them, iris scan them, photograph them, and then send them back to wherever they came from. And, don't let them back in....ever. Anyone advocating any form of an amnesty program will not get my vote....ever.

5. Banish, forever, the Alternative Minimum Tax. I, for one, am barely making ends meet as it is, what with outrageous property taxes and sky-high insurance premiums, not to mention all the charitable donations to tsunami and hurricane relief this past year. If I cannot use my lawful deductions to reduce my federal taxes, I sure won't be able to continue doing my part to keep the economy rolling (or to donate any money to any political party). What are you people thinking?

6. The only other thing you should do is pass a bill limiting future bills to the subject matter at issue. It is very wrong for you to hide objectionable and wasteful (read that as "pork") legislation in bills that are important to our country. We are on to you, by the way, and we are watching.

7. A word to the Democrats. Your behavior is disgusting. You are sending the message to our country and to the world that our President is less than honorable, that our troops are savages, that our national heritage is worthless, and that nothing is worth fighting for. There is not a one of you that I have any respect for. If you want to change my opinion, you will have to work at it, and that means putting the good of the country before your own personal agenda. I know. Fat chance of that.

8. A word to the Republicans. Let me explain this as simply as possible. In a democratic republic, the majority rules. The Republicans are currently the majority. Therefore, there is no excuse for you to be unable to do the job you were sent to Washington to do. Many of us plain ol' citizens are thinking that maybe we need new Republicans in Congress, as well as more Republicans in Congress. As best I can tell, the only person in D.C. who is trying to do what he promised to do, is the President, and I am tired of seeing my President left twisting in the wind by his own party.

9. And finally, a word to the people who are leaking our country's secrets. If this current bunch of elected officials don't hunt you down and lock you up and/or execute you, we, the citizens, will elect other officials who will do so. We do not appreciate you aiding and abetting our enemies.

Merry Christmas. (p.s. I think you should give back your pay raises. You sure don't deserve them.)


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