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Friday, December 30, 2005

Wouldn't 2006 Be Great If....

Musing on this next to the last day of the year, naturally, turns to thoughts of what 2006 may bring us. Being an optimist, I would love to think that it will be a good year, and that everything will go well for everyone. Being a realist, I know the optimist part of my nature, will be disappointed in many ways.

Here is what I would like to happen in 2006, in the order they come to mind, not necessarily in the order of importance.

1. Our borders are secured by our military troops, and illegals within our borders are rounded up and deported, never to return.

2. The GOP inside the Beltway get a clue that unless they start acting like the majority in their respective august houses, they will shortly revert to minority status.

3. Income tax is completely abolished. Same with property taxes.

4. Domestic drilling (and that includes ANWAR) goes into full swing, and new refineries and pipelines are built in this country.

5. My family and everyone else that I love and care about, enjoy a year of health, happiness, and safety. This one, of course, is the most important to me, and for it to come to pass, depends to a large extent on the other 4, but mostly to the grace of God.


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