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Sunday, March 22, 2009

The US a 3rd World Country?

The following is a cross-post of my comment to Paul Jacob's post entitled From Oz to Obama.

I've traveled the world. The USA is the only non-3rd world country. Yes, there are some countries that are very nice, but there are none to compare with the conveniences and prosperity the majority of Americans have. Even our poor would be considered wealthy if transplanted to just about anywhere else in the world. We do have the best way of life on the planet.

Or we did.

As a Texan, I can see signs in even the small towns, that we are quickly sliding into 3rd world status. Laws seem to apply only to law-abiding American citizens. Illegals, elected officials, and people and entities who support those elected officials, apparently do not have to abide by any of our laws, and all is forgiven, and this goes all the way to the place where "the buck stops".

The violence that most of the media ignores in the so-called country to our south, is spreading across the border at an astounding rate, although it apparently isn't considered newsworthy by our illustrious media. Nor does the current Administration appear to see a problem with drug cartels encroaching into American cities with their own special brand of justice and punishment. To the contrary, it seems that the Speaker of the House is ready to make all the illegals legal and declare Immigration and Customs Enforcement unconstitutional.

Remember when Walmart prided itself on selling American-made goods? Try and find American-made goods at Walmart now. Another treat at Walmart, at least in my area, is that the signs, credit card machines, and even the music playing in the store, are all in Spanish. And I don't live anywhere near the southern border. But, my gosh, what a business their customer service desk is doing wiring money to Mexico. Don't even try to exchange something on a Friday. Please don't get me wrong, I love the convenience of Walmart: one stop shopping. What I hate is poor service, inferior goods, and everything being in Spanish. Last time I checked, English was the language of the USA.

Our country has been sold out by our very own elected officials. They are now trying to totally destroy what is left of our economy. Citizens who have spent their entire lives living frugally to ensure they had funds to support them in retirement, are wishing they had taken that European vacation that they didn't take, so they could put more money towards their retirement. It is doubtful that those of us on the younger end of the Baby Boomers will ever be able to retire. Those Boomers that have already retired, have already lost at least 70% of their net worth, all courtesy of the US government and our elected officials.

So, while clicking our heels together and wishing we could go home isn't an option for us like it was for Dorothy, a nice clean sweep inside the Beltway, along with a thorough scrubbing of nonsensical laws and policies would go a long way in curing the waking nightmare in which we presently find ourselves.


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