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Monday, September 03, 2007

Some holiday reading

The irrepresible Phyllis Schlafly has a terrific analysis of the non-denial denials of the Three Amigos (Presidents Bush and Calderon and P.M. Harper) relating to the Security & Prosperity Partnership, a/k/a The North American Union, despite Congressional and public rejection of the idea.

Doesn't sound like it's just a conspiracy theory anymore.

Wanna put on your thinking cap? Read "Random Thoughts" by Thomas Sowell. His "random" thoughts are deeper than most people's "deliberations."

Robert Novack's "Republican Melancholy" blames the lack of rank and file GOP excitement in the 2008 campaign on the lack of leadership and lack of a good candidate. That's partly correct. There is leadership in the GOP. Unfortunately, the grass-roots Republicans think the party is marching to the left, and reject that leadership. That same leadership is ignoring the support for Duncan Hunter and Tom Tancredo, both of whom have strong support from GOP faithful. As I've said in many ways for many moons, when a party no longer represents its members, there isn't going to be any support for its candidates.


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