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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Some good articles to read and ponder

Frank Pastore says in The Latest Problems with the "Man Evolved From Apes" Thesis that "two discoveries that came out in August that should force all those “man evolved from apes” evolution charts in schoolbooks to be redrawn." How can this be? Haven't generations of school-children been indoctrinated that all life has evolved from a single cell? Well, "What’s been discovered is a 10.5 million year old gorilla and that two of our “ape men” ancestors actually lived together." No, the research doesn't indicate they were gay. What it proves is that the co-existence debunks the evolutionary theory as it applies to humans.

Read the article and follow the links therein for more information.

Pat Buchanan has an interesting take on "Phase IIII of Bush's War", wherein he attributes the President's "new cockiness" relating to the war effort to "the total collapse of the antiwar coalition on Capitol Hill and the breaking of the Congress."

Good article. Read it here.


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