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Sunday, September 02, 2007

Labor Day Musings

I'm wondering how many more Labor Days will be holidays for Americans? Think about it. Soon, everyday might be a work holiday for American citizens. Our jobs are being outsourced either overseas or the positions are filled by cheap and illegal imported labor. Our public schools are being dumbed-down to the point of worthlessness by our free education (at our expense, of course) of children of people who are illegally in this country, and apparently by teachers who somehow got hired without being able to speak English. It also seems that our government refuses to comply with the demand of American citizens that our laws be enforced. Read my two news selections for the day. You might want to have a shot of Jack Daniels handy.

President Bush has moved 20% of ICE agents out of the agency so they can't enforce the law.

But the US Border Patrol Union, Local 2544, is bluntly warning Americans: "The White House will refuse to secure the borders unless they get another amnesty program for millions of illegal aliens (don't be fooled by their "estimates" of 12-20 million, because they have no idea how many are really here).

Read the story here.

Then read about the Arizona school system, where 1/3 of the teachers cannot speak English. Private School anyone?


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