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Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Still no triple digits

Amazing, this weather. August 7th, and we still have not hit 100 degrees in North Central Texas. Believe me, I am NOT complaining. However, it did get within a few degrees today. Enough to remind me what the weather is usually like this time of year.

Today, I hit the horrendous I-35 and headed into the DFW metroplex. There are so many more trucks on I-35 than there were just a few years ago. It is a nerve-wracking, white knuckled drive these days. Not knowing whether the truckers are professional American truck drivers or Mexican nationals with little knowledge of or regard for our laws (not to mention the bits about the safety of their trucks and the no-insurance part of the equation) adds to the miserable driving experience.

Once in the metroplex, and amazingly, safely at my destination, a fun time was had by all.

Heading back to the ranch it was the same concerns in reverse. Then I got to this very high overpass. Then I thought about the bridge collapse in Minnesota. Then I tried to remember how old this particular bridge was. Then, I made a note to self: Note to self - next time exit before the bridge and take back road.

Trips into the metroplex remind me of why I moved to the country in the first place. I couldn't live in the city anymore.... too many people, lousy air, too much traffic.

It was nice to get home without incident, take a deep breath of clean air, and listen for, but not hear, the sound of traffic.


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