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Wednesday, August 08, 2007


On Town Hall, there is an article by Scott Garrett, a U.S. Congressman from New Jersey's 5th District. The article is about the SCHIP bill passed by the House, which expands what will basically be nationalized health care to many Americans and illegal aliens, and cuts Medicare benefits to "an estimated 3 million" American senior citizens.

Hopefully, the President will veto this abomination.

We all know nationalized health care does not work. For decades we have heard stories about the UK, Canada, Australia, and the EU, where those who can afford it, go elsewhere for health care, rather than wait months and years for a government funded operation. Our own government cannot even defend our borders, so why should we trust them with our health care?

Congressman Garrett further makes a good point, that this "free" health care will be financed with the AMT (Alternative Minimum Tax), an unfair tax on the American middle class, which so far, Congress has not seen fit to repeal. The very income bracket that will be first affected by the SCHIP program is also the one most affected by the AMT.

Get on the phone to your elected representatives in D.C. Blast them for their sneaky attempts to take away our right to control our own health care, and further demand the repeal of the AMT. While you are at it, demand they just repeal the IRS in favor of the Fair Tax.

We have apparently reached a point in our history, where we must all be watchdogs of our elected officials. Otherwise, they will sell us and our country to the highest bidder, and we will be left with no rights at all.


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