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Friday, August 17, 2007

Hurricanes & Plates

Hurricane season again. It happens every year. Hurricane Dean sounds like it could build up to something big and nasty. However, a hurricane doesn't need to be all that strong to cause all sorts of problems. Just knocking out the power for a while is awful, especially in the summer... in the Caribbean... or in the southern United States.

The tectonic plates are obviously on the move, as evidenced by earthquakes in the Aleutian Islands, Utah, the Pacific Ocean, and Peru. If you click here, you can see all the recent earthquake activty. Looks to me like there's a pattern. Of course, that area is part of the Pacific Rim of Fire, so it should not be unexpected.

Weather is weather. It is what it is. Rarely are the weather forecasters correct even 24 hours ahead of time. The weather cannot be controlled.

Likewise the shiftings and realigning of the earth's plates. They are in constant flux. It is what it is. It happens.

All we can do about crazy weather or natural disasters is try to help those in need following the event. And if we are the ones in need, we sure hope there will be people willing to help us.


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