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Sunday, August 05, 2007

Hmmm..... August

It's been a while since I've posted on this blog. How time flies.

So what has changed since January?

Borders secured? Nope

Troops on the border? Nope

Population inside the Beltway still showing signs of mass insanity? Yep

Doesn't look like anything has actually changed.

However, in my life.... here it is, the first part of August, and deep in the heart of Texas, it is green and tropical looking. After years of drought, we have had rain... lots of rain. The grass is growing so fast that the cattle can't keep up with it. Nice problem to have.

We had a great crop of calves this year. 50/50 girls and boys. The steers that will be ready to sell this fall are filling out nicely on the unlimited grass.

The temperature has still not hit 100 degrees. Amazing!

The Cowdogs have gotten their summer haircuts, thereby enabling me to bathe them daily, as Cowdog No. 1 just loves manure-diving. She is a white dog, but after a dive in the fresh manure, she becomes a green dog. Cowdog No. 2 may get a little mud on her from time to time, but she draws the line at manure-diving.

Well, speaking of Cowdogs, the manure-diver is on the way back into the yard after taking a swim in the lake, so must dash outside to bathe her while she is still wet.

Cowgirl out.


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