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Thursday, August 16, 2007

A Brilliant Idea from a Catholic Bishop in the Netherlands

Ya know..... Sometimes you just have to shake your head.....

There is apparently a Catholic biship, Tiny Muskens, in the Netherlands who belives that if Christians used the name Allah rather than God, it would help pave a peaceful coexistance between Muslims and Christians.

Of course, if all the Christians converted to Islam, substituted Mohammed the Pedophile for the perfect Christ our Lord, substituted sharia law for our democratic republic, then....

(a) We would have denied our Lord,
(b) We would become second class citizens, living our lives fully dependent on not pissing off the ruling imams (nothing like the threat of being beheaded with a dull knife to keep a person in line),
c) We would have given up all rights as we know them,
d) We would have given up our country and way of life, as well as the future of our descendants, without any fight whatsoever.

Yeh. Sounds like a perfect solution (I'm being facetious), although if put to a vote, it would probably pass by a landslide (no pun intended) in San Francisco.

Thanx just the same Bishop. You are doing a really good job leading your flock. Nothing quite like having a church leader advocate capitulation to the dark side rather than standing up and being counted in the Book of Life.


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