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Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Book Reviews

I've just updated my reading recommendations, which may be found on the right side of this page.

Michael Crighton's Next was fantastic. You would think that I would just automatically read whatever he writes. I had the same hesitation about reading Next as I did with State of Fear. Possibly it is because when a well-known celebrity writes anything to do with "global warming" (State of Fear), and now genetics (Next), I seemed to have trained myself to disregard their nonsense. Of course, I adored State of Fear and have recommended it to everyone. Next is just as good. Do not miss it!!

High Profile is another of Robert Parker's Jesse Stone mysteries. It was great fun to read. Naturally, after seeing the tv movie with Tom Selleck playing Jesse, I now visualize Jesse as Tom Selleck, and there are much worse things to visualize than Tom Selleck. Anyway, a fun read.

I'm just starting Capitol Threat by William Bernhardt. The Cowboy has been hogging it, and I just finally have a chance to read it. It is starting out pretty interesting, so it will likely be worth the time. Update coming soon.

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Happy Reading!!


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