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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Tuesday Morning Tidbits

BREAKING NEWS!! Michael Forest, The State Leader of Minuteman Civil Defense Corps in Oregon has "unofficially" decided to run against U.S. Senator Gordon Smith of that state. Mike said,
"I will not take donations from Corporations, Big Businesses, or Unions. I need this campaign to be from the people in all aspects such as donations/contributions. This aspect is important to me because I am not for sale and I believe the Government needs to be "of the people, by the people, and for the people"."
You Oregonians must step up to help Mike, as this will truly be a grassroots campaign, and he is a great Patriot.

Big Lizards has a great post, which starts out:
In a stunning display of perspicacity and sophisticated nuancing, if I'm allowed to coin that neologism, the drive-by media has discovered that long-time supporters of Saddam Hussein in Iraq are irked that he was hanged.
Read the whole thing. Great writing, as always!!

Debbie Schussel has "undocumented alien" among the 2007 list of banished words, along with "Moderate Muslim" because she says its an "oxymoron", and "Extremist Muslim" because "its redundant."

Wondering why the Israelis seem to be in a quandry this past year? Not as focused and "kick ass" as usual? Read Bradley Burston's piece entitled If Sharon Were With Us Now. It is a good read, full of "what if's".

Have a good day! Cowgirl out.


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