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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union Address

I was very pleasantly surprised at the SOTU last night. The President did an excellent job of delivery. He seemed relaxed and primed at the same time.

His explanation and differentiation of the Sunni and Shia elements in the current conflict was the first easily-understandable explanation of the issue that I have heard from anyone. The President's differentiation between the Sunni and Shia and the imported terrorists was understandable as well. Assuming anyone who didn't understand the nature of the conflict was watching the SOTU, the President sorted it out nicely.

There was nothing new in the energy bit. Didn't hear the word "Anwar." Didn't hear the word "shale." Didn't hear anything about new refineries. What I did hear was a bunch of liberal-appeasing rhetoric about reducing oil consumption and using a lot more corn and wood chips. Should I point out, that every barrel of oil we buy finances more terrorist actions around the world? Should I point out that the fastest, most efficient way to prevent our dollars from getting into terrorists' pockets is to use our own petroleum resources? Oh well, the Dems seemed happy, but then again, they thought "Brokeback Mountain" was a good movie.

As to Homeland Security, the invasion by 30-50 million people into our country was not mentioned. I don't understand why the President thinks we need guest workers when there is already such a sizeable number of illegals in our midst, taking low income jobs, to the exclusion of those Americans who are only capable of filling those same types of positions. Americans are not all doctors and lawyers. Many Americans can only support their families by mowing lawns and cleaning homes. They are finding fewer and fewer jobs because of the unlimited number of unskilled workers pouring into our country, along with the drug dealers (terrorists), ruthless gangs (terrorists) and the terrorists (terrorists). Tom Tancredo shook his head during this part of the SOTU, as did I.

Darfur? Malaria and HIV in Africa? Sorry, we have enough problems here. This Administration has sent vast amounts of food and medicine to that continent. I am glad I don't live there, but their admittedly dire problems are their own.

Now, to get snippy. Pelosi over the President's shoulder was a bit much to take. I had to hold my hand at a certain angle in front of my face to block her out when the cud-chewing and blinking started getting on my nerves. A couple of times, it looked to me like Vice President Cheney was about to bust out laughing. Must have been one of those "you had to be there" things, because I couldn't see anything funny. Unless.... he was looking at Sen. Kerry, who looked completely stoned. Now, that man has a face that would stop a clock, anyway, but ..... looked stoned to me. Hillary, as well, appeared heavily medicated. There's an idea. Keep her heavily medicated and lock her away somewhere for the rest of her unnatural life. I noticed that the Black Caucus didn't stand and applaud for much of anything. I'm being generous. I didn't see them stand at all, but surely there was something they liked. Maybe not. They looked bored when the President called for "victory." If that wouldn't get 'em off their respective asses, nothing will.

All in all, the President did a great job with the SOTU. The Iraq campaign and the War on Terror bits were excellent. As to the rest, most of it ain't gonna happen, so no need to worry about it.

Cowgirl out.


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