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Monday, January 08, 2007

A Confession of Lack of Interest

I must make a confession. I'm having a little trouble getting interested in commenting on current events lately. I haven't even been able to make myself watch Special Report, which I rarely miss. All I can figure out, is that I am so very disappointed in my elected representatives, that the point has been reached, where I need a break from worrying about things over which I, apparently, have no control.

Here is my take on the current state of the nation. Thousands of people from anywhere in the world illegally enter this country on a daily basis. That is "thousands" per day. Get it? Thousands! Who they are and where they are from and why they are here and what they are bringing with them..... no one knows. My government is doing exactly "zip" about it.

I, along with all the other law-abiding American citizens, are paying increased property taxes to fund free public schools and college educations for the children of these invaders, while at the same time struggling to pay for education of our own children. Because the invaders do not bother following any of our laws, they drive around the country without automobile insurance, and they have a lot of wrecks. Who pays? We do, in increasingly higher automobile insurance premiums.

Then, there is that whole health care thing. As if the cost of health care is not exhorbitant anyway, we now have to pick up the tab for the invaders' health care as well.

Shall I even mention our Social Security system, which is in its last gasps anyway? There will be no Social Security for me, but apparently there will be for people who are working in this country illegally, using forged or stolen Social Security numbers.

The more I think about it, I think I want to be an illegal alien. How do I go about changing my status? What would it be like to be able to disregard the laws with impunity? I cannot even imagine that, but it sure would be cheaper.

Cowgirl is now signing off for the day to do something fun and completely unrelated to politics.


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