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Thursday, November 09, 2006

Where do we go from here?

After somewhat digesting the President's press conference yesterday, and with Captain's Quarters mirroring my own thoughts, combined with Rush Limbaugh's interesting comments yesterday, my question is where do we go from here?

What will actually be different with the Democrats in the majority?

If it is only for two years, we can probably live with it. Actually, we must. No choice there. But really, what's the big difference?

The elected GOP have failed to lead. They have failed to circle the wagons and push through conservative legislation and judicial appointments. The elected GOP continually "worked with" the Dems, thereby watering down (and in most cases, making completely useless) necessary legislation.

They did not secure our borders, and in the Senate, have attempted to hoodwink us into thinking that granting amnesty to 15 million invaders is a good thing.

They did not fight for what is necessary and required in the global war, and have left us more vulnerable.

In other words, the Dems ran the show, even when they were in the minority, and all the GOP did was attempt some badly boggled damage control, as opposed to going on the offensive, fighting for conservative principles, and, ..... you know.... acting like they were the majority party.

So, what will be different now?

For starters, the President is going to have hell on earth for the next two years. I am sorry about that. Even if he has border blindness, I still like and support him.

The news will be even more dedicated to Democratic sound bites. For me, that probably means more radio and internet news, and far less tv news. Our tv is way too expensive to risk something being thrown through the screen at a high velocity, which is always a possibility when one of many Democrats' faces and voices appear. I'll still try to watch Special Report, and will thank God for the mute button on the remote and fast acting eyelids.

One thing I hope to witness in the next two years is the GOP getting it together, and acting as a cohesive unit, and forget all this middle of the road stuff. You are either a conservative or you are not. If you are, act like it. If you aren't, jump ship.

That's where I am at today with this disgusting turn of events. And now, after 6 months of being very politically active, mostly with the Minutemen (any bets on whether that border fence gets funded now?) and the local GOP, I plan to spend the day trying to figure out what in the heck to do about my overgrown flower beds!


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