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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Where are the conservatives?

This is a cross-post of my comment at Captains Quarters.

I cannot really understand why on earth anyone would want to run for public office, especially as a conservative.

They would have to know that the media, working with the Democrats, will be against them, misrepresenting everything they have ever done in their lives, as well as their intentions, and their words. If there is not enough ammunication in the conservative candidate's past, then the media and the Democratic party will just make something up.

As if the media and the always generous media coverage of Democrats who feel free to say anything that comes to mind, regardless of truth so long as it makes a great soundbite, wasn't enough, factor in the turncoats like John McCain, who want to "big-dog-it" and make horrendous deals with the liberals, and in effect sell out their party and the core conservative principles, in exchange for a short-lived and generally ill-advised political gain.

I don't mean to be fatalistic about this, but really, why would a person choose to subject themselves and their families to such unrelenting abuse?

Unless another Newt Gingrich type person emerges in the GOP, with a solid proposal like the Contract with America, and with the GOP on board unanimously, it does not appear to me that the GOP will fare much better in the 2008 elections than they did this year.

There will always be people lusting after power. In most cases, those are the people who run for office, and end up making it a career. Remember that the original intent for Congress, was to be a part-time civic duty kind of job, because the people in Congress had real lives and real jobs back in their districts. Those days of course, are long gone. Today it seems that once a person is elected to Congress, the reaction is something like, "Woo-hoo!! I'm gonna be rich!!!"

Over half of this country is conservative, both fiscally and socially. There is no current political party that reflects these values, and the American people who vote understand that.


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