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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

What Happened?!?!?



It appears the good guys don't always win. Of course, when the good guys start acting like the bad guys, how does one tell the difference?

The lesson for the GOP here is that if they don't listen to their base, they cannot count on their votes.

The GOP lost their base on two major issues, neither of which was the war in Iraq. One issue was in not securing our borders, combined with the assinine guest worker program. The other issue was general incompetency.

As to the first issue, we are in a global war against an enemy without borders. We apparently live in a country without borders. Having personally seen a group of armed Middle Eastern invaders crossing our southern border, I know for a fact, that we are in big trouble on that one. We will be in even bigger trouble as a result of yesterday's elections, as the Democrats will continue to kowtow to the illegal aliens and their supporters among us, as well as every anti-American, anti-morals, anti-everything group in this country, or the world, for that matter. Remember the Democrats believe the United Nations should dictate our foreign policy.

As to the second issue, the GOP over the past 2 years have exhibited a stunning example of cluelessness. They have wildly overspent. They have not operated as a cohesive group. The House and Senate leadership were unable to rein in renegade members. They were always a day late and a dollar short on damage control, particularly regarding false allegations made by the Democrats and the media. Worst of all, they ignored their base, passing bills for political effect, but which had no true force (i.e. the unfunded Border Fence). The GOP has had 5 years to make a difference, and they have squandered it all by their incompetence.

The next two years will be hell on earth for the President. Even though I have disagreed with him on a few (to me) key issues, the remainder of his term is going to be hard to take, for both he and for the citizens of this country. If the rantings of the Democrats were horrendous for the last 5 years when they were in the minority in Congress, they are going to be completely off the scale on the horrendous meter for the next two years.

This election was the GOP's to lose, and they did so spectacularly. This loss was needless, and if the GOP ever wants to become the majority again, they had better return to their core conservative values.

Update: Interestingly enough, CQ has a post this morning by the same title.


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