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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Way too much insanity going around

More on the Traveling Imams
There is a good article in The Washington Times by Audrey Hudson, written from the perspective of a neutral purveyor of information, explaining how the Traveling Imams terrorized the other passengers on the US Airways flight from which they were eventually removed.

Apparently, in addition to the loud praying and shouts of "Allah" in the boarding area, once on the plane, the men did not sit in their assigned seats, and assumed the seating profile of the 9/11 hijackers, as well as making visits to each other's seats up and down the length of the plane. This was the first I had heard that the seat belt extensions the men requested were put on the floor in front of their seats once they had obtained them.

Had I been on that flight, I would have demanded the men be removed from the flight, or I would have removed myself from the plane.

Clearly, this was an instance of behavior profiling, although I do not have a problem with racial profiling when it comes to terrorism and potential death.

Major kudos to US Airways for putting the safety of the passengers first.

Hat tip: Drudge Report

Talks between Iraq, Syria and Iran

I've been just disgusted with what I've been hearing and reading about talks between Iraq/Syria/Iran. This is a total disconnect. Doesn't everyone realize that Iran and Syria are the prime sponsors for the continuing bloodshed in Iraq? Iran provides the terrorists and trains the terrorist wannabes, and Syria faciliates movement by them back and forth across the Iraqi border. Isn't this common knowledge?

I don't give a rat's a**, what the Baker Commission, or any other study group concludes about the situation in Iraq. Who the hell elected those people to call the shots? Unless the United States Constitution has changed since November 7th, I believe the President is still the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, thereby putting him in charge of this war.

I Wanna Be an Illegal Alien!!
Captains Quarters reports that Rep. Bennie Thompson, the incoming chairman of the House Homeland Security Committee, has threatened to file lawsuits against employers following the President's directive "for employers to verify workers' eligibility and continue to hold them accountable for those they hire." In other words, illegal aliens are above the law. Our laws are apparently only to be enforced against citizens. I wanna be an illegal alien!!!!

OK. This is about all the insanity I can stand for one day. Cowgirl over and out.


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