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Friday, November 24, 2006

Finally, boots on the ground!

Are we going to have to wait until the entire Southern border is a battleground before the Feds step up to the plate and secure that border? Fabens is a little town SE of El Paso. Look for the + on the map south of Socorro.

Read this article and then zip off some emails/faxes/letters to your elected officials.

Threat to US citizens forces Mx officials to lock down town, Tx. Sheriff boosts security

Nov 21, 2006 11:45 AM

EAST EL PASO COUNTY, Tx. - Residents of the Mexican border town of Guadalupe, across the Rio Grande from Fabens, are dealing with armed checkpoints and car-by-car searches.

The small farming community is under tight surveillance by officials in Mexico, and now in the United States. The scene in Guadalupe Bravo could most accurately be described as a town under lockdown.

The Mexican military increased its presence in the town, and Hudspeth County Sheriff Arvin West tells ABC-7 he's ready to send man power into the area on the US side of the border.

Sheriff West added that his office recently heard of plans to kidnap US citizens, and transport them across the border to be killed in Guadalupe. According to Sheriff West, Victor Canello a man with ties to Fort Hancock was taken to Guadalupe and shot.

West adds that he and his office are treating the threat seriously.

Sheriff West also says, "That's the innocent people that might get involved in this and get caught up in this is the people we are here to protect today...I've got officers as far away as Valverde County helping us with this...DPS, Game Wardens, and the Texas Rangers as well."

The increase in security is likely to continue for some time. Residents in Guadalupe also welcomed the strict military presence.


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