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Monday, November 06, 2006

Email from a Soldier in Iraq

The following is an email received by one of my cousins from her grandson in Iraq. Names have been deleted.

A letter from my grandson I received tonight. He is finally starting to understand what this country is about and the danger of losing our freedoms that we so take for granted. He is in the Persian area and just doing his job. Had to share it with you.

Subject: Re: Troops ans. John Kerry

Hey Grandma,

I thought you might like to hear my words on what John Kerry said at the university. Feel free to share it. I think that a lot of the people that oppose the war need to hear this. Maybe they will understand. I heard the news about an hour after it happened. I was eating at 10:00 pm over here. The troops in the picture are throwing John Kerry's words right back in his face. The problem that we face is that we aren't allowed to voice our opinions due to the oath that we accept when we join the military. Yet, I know that there are those of us who are blunt in what we say. I love the people that I've left back in the states, but yet, I know that there is a good reason for me being here. Even if my job is just in supporting the other troops and making sure that they have a comfortable bed to sleep in. Feel free to send this to anyone, it needs to be addressed. There is too much focus on the politics and not enough on the events of what has happened.

There are a lot of ticked off troops over here about his remark. It's in the letters to the popular newspaper Stars and Stripes. The comment wasn't discussed properly by the newspaper and many people have sent in letters complaining about it. Furthermore, when they did discuss it, they put it on page nine, where many people thought that it should have been front page news seeing how it is focused as a direct insult to us (the troops who are giving up there lives for the freedom for him to say such a comment). I am, to be quite frank about it, pretty upset about it. You have people who want to justify his comment (even a few random troops out here), and say that it was targeted at President Bush. Truth be told, however, that they are being paid too much money and have to much at stake to say such an insulting comment. Not only that, but his actions weren't immediately corrected. He left them as it was, without appology. It is the most ridiculous thing that I have seen someone say. Yet... this is someone that people voted for as a President.

I am tired of the politics in the U.S. to be honest. They are too worried over the little things that don't matter (all parties alike), and create an unstable environment for those of us who are overseas trying to make the best out of something that surely needs it. Sure, the countries around the middle east aren't great; however, how are they going to be great if we don't do something about it. It's not a matter of who is at fault. It's a matter of who is willing to do something about it. I've had too many co-workers, friends, go to places like Iraq and never come back. But yet, we have people bickering in politics about Bush leading us to our deaths? We chose to fight on the front lines to protect our freedoms from those who lead us away. They do their job very well, I'm afraid to say, but we are the only place in the world who have freedoms and laws established to protect those of different sex, race, religion, etc.

Just like in any war, there are going to be conflicts, but critizing the troops is wrong on so many levels. They are the ones fighting for that right. If someone wants to say something like that, I would consider you a terrorist. Move to a place where your freedoms are stripped. Try Iraq. What we are doing here is right! If you allow someone who has no interest in what is going on in the war, or if you allow someone to pull us from the war, we will lose. It won't be a defeat like in previous wars. It will be a defeat in our ways of life. Morals, values and faith (regardless of religion) will be thrown out the window and we will be forced to live in fear. If that happens, don't the terrorists win?

For those of you who have given up a loved one, the answer isn't to blame President Bush. Blame those who critize the troops. Blame those who try to put fear into our lives through terror. They are the real enemy. If you truly know that loved one, then you should know what they are fighting for. Everyone has their own reason. All those reasons are enough to make us fight for a common goal, freedom.

Airman First Class
(Name Deleted)

On another note, how are things over there? Are you feeling better? How's Grandpa doing? It's been warm over here. Probably close to 90-100 during the day and dropping to the 70's at night. Things are going pretty well for the most part. I am waiting for an e-mail from the University of Utah. I am looking at their Computer Science major. I don't know if I am going to attend there but I would like to compare the university to a technical university to see which degree will be more widely accepted. I thought that you might like to hear that I have about $2000 saved up at the moment, and that should increase to about 4500-5000 before I leave. I have paid off my credit card. Trying to stay away from spending, I have been reading a lot. I am on finishing my fifth book since I've been here. I bought a Playstation Portable due to having too much free time. Other than that, I bought the camera and that's it. I haven't much of anything from D-M, which I consider good news. What I did hear was that we are up for the Hennessy award (best dining facility in the Air Combat Command), and the Inn Keeper Award (best lodging facility in the A.C.C.). We also have Wing troop of the year not to mention civilian of the year as well. Services is doing amazing this year. It was our work before we left that set them up for these awards.

Recently, we had the Chief Master Sgt of the Air Force here to speak to us. It set things a bit crazy for a bit. Now that it's over, we had a few of the capable to visit Medal of Honor individuals come here and speak as well.

Like I said, other then these events, things are quiet. I have gained about ten pounds (which I am trying to). Make sure that you tell everyone hi for me. Actually, if the bishop doesn't have a problem with it, you can go ahead and print this for the ward. Love you all and best wishes. Stay safe.

With Love,

(Name Deleted)


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