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Wednesday, November 15, 2006

A bad wind is a'blowing

I'm bummed today.

It doesn't help that the wind is blowing about 40 mph. I live on a hill in a valley, and the result of that is that the wind tends to swirl around my house. There is no side of the house without a gale force wind. I would have been one of those women who went stark raving mad during the Dustbowl days.

Then, I read Taxing the Red to Support the Blue on Powerline, reminding me that "Charlie Rangel will be in charge of writing tax legislation," which then triggered the annual panic attack caused by wondering how on earth I'm going to pay property/school taxes as well as income tax.

I was really hoping that the FAIR tax might have a chance, but that would be against socialist dogma. Imagine the 50 million illegal aliens and other entitlement recipients paying tax at the same rate as hard-working, responsible citizens. We cannot have that, can we?

This blows, and I'm not talking about the wind.

Guess I'd better apply for a couple of those 0% interest-for-a-year credit cards, and find a good tax lawyer.


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