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Friday, September 08, 2006

Reviewing Today's News

A couple of things.

1.  I don't care when or if Brad and Angolina marry. 

2.  I don't care what Paris Hilton says or does.

What I do care about, is revisionist history.  Specifically, the 9-11 docudrama, supposedly being edited by ABC to suit the whims of the former Clinton administration and the Democratic party.

You know, things are what they are.  History is what it is.  The Clinton administration operated on the principle that a lie often repeated becomes truth (Lenin, Goebbels). 

However, September 11, 2001 was not that long ago.  My college-aged Cowchild, along with his parents, had just deplaned in England on that day, and remember it well.  While, the American people in general do not seem to have a very long memory, that day looms in the memories of younger generations, just like the assassination of President Kennedy does with my generation.

Fact is fact.  The 911 Commission, as bogus and wasteful as it was, apparently did accumulate "facts".  Facts are truths, whether we like them or not.

The former Clinton administration dropped the ball in the war on terror.  The harshest responses to horrendous acts of war against the United States during the Clinton administration, were the occasional ejaculation of a missle at an empty factory or terrorist training camp, but only after first alerting the targeted areas of the incoming missile.  That is fact.  A fact is truth.

No matter how much the Democrats and the Clintonistas scream about an accurate depiction of their repeated failures in the war on terror, fact is fact and truth is truth.  They dropped the ball.  That's the story, and it ain't a news flash.  If ABC does, in fact, edit or pull the docudrama because of the CYA demands of the Democrats and Clintonistas, whatever shreds of credibility ABC may still have, will be  lost for all time.


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