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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Poor little invaders

This article is such BS!  Except for the part where the Border Patrol says, "There is no official data on the flow of illegal immigrants."  Further down, Richard Rojas, a BP spokesman, says that southern border apprehensions are 826,109 as compared to 795,218 this time last year.  Consider that the general rule of thumb is that apprehensions are about 1/4 of illegals  invaders who evaded capture, so that would mean, that just in this year alone ... so far.... approximately 2,478,327 are wandering around our country with no record of their presence whatsoever.

This maddening article ends with the sad sob story, that because of greater enforcement of our borders the poor little invaders are forced to invade at more inconvenient and dangerous places than before.  Cry me a friggin' river!

Remember, not all of these people are looking for work.  An increasing number of them are truly "bad guys" who want to destroy our country, our way of life, and KILL US!


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