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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Yikes! The Snakes are Out!!

Living in the country is always interesting. When the feet hit the floor in the morning, you have no clue what the day holds in store. This is true, of course, no matter how or where you live your life, but the more critters one deals with on a daily basis, the more potential for things to happen.

When I was on Minuteman duty in South Texas last month, the rattlesnakes were just "waking up." Almost everyday, someone killed a rattlesnake. I hate snakes... especially rattlesnakes.

Once home, in my generally rattlesnake-free black dirt, I have seen snakes several times a week. It is very disconcerting, as, in my mind, all snakes are bad. So, I have taken to carrying my Glock in my holster whenever I am out in the barn, or working around the property. Quite a few snakes have been rapidly dispatched when they made the fatal error of letting me see them.

Normally, I am a pretty good shot. Yesterday, however, I could not for the life of me, shoot this really huge snake's head off. The thing looked like Swiss cheese when I finally figured it was dead, but try as I might, I could not hit the head. Just ruined my whole day.

Then came the wireless internet technician. He determined that the outside dish will have to be moved so I can have uninterrupted internet service. However, when he left, I had no service at all, except dial-up, because he had apparently monkeyed around with all the settings, thereby leaving me to the mercy of dial-up, until they get around to moving the dish. So, whatever part of my day that wasn't ruined by not being able to shoot straight, was totally ruined by being stuck with dialup. Oh yes, and did I say, that it is a dialup that disconnects about every 5 minutes?

Today, is a better day. Have seen no snakes. I still have dialup though, and no word from tech support as to their ETA on repairing the highspeed internet service.

Perhaps I should just mix a pitcher of margaritas, and take the day off?


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