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Friday, May 05, 2006

Vehicular Accidents Cause Memory Loss in Certain Families

Maybe it's a genetic thing.  Maybe it's a genetic "we are above the law" thing.  Maybe it's a genetic "we can't drive worth a shit" thing.  Whatever it is, apparently Rep. Patrick Kennedy, like his father, Sen. "Swimmer" Kennedy, not only seems unable to avoid driving into things like large bodies of water or concrete barriers, but also suffers from memory loss following motor vehicle accidents.

According to Rep. Kennedy's statements, at some point around 2:45 Wednesday morning, he sleep-walked to his car and crashed same into a barrier on Capitol Hill.  According to Capitol Hill police, he seemed disoriented after the crash.  Kennedy told Capitol Hill police that he was late for a "vote."

This brings to mind a much more serious MVA many years ago, when Sen. Swimmer Kennedy drove his car off a bridge in the middle of the night, leaving a young woman to drown inside the vehicle while he allegedly swam back to his hotel, went to bed, and had no recollection of the mishap.

So, here we have further evidence, of unwillingness to take responsibility for ones actions, and yet members of this family continue to be elected to positions of great responsibility.  If nothing else, and at the very least, it seems clear that these people should not be allowed to drive.

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