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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Two Really Trying Days

Yesterday started out good.  Cowboy and I loaded a steer up and took him to the processor.  The steer loaded easily, actually stunning us by just jumping into the trailer.

When we returned to the ranch, Cowboy counted cows and determined there were 2 missing.  He found one of them, way up in one of the woodlots, with a calf half born and stuck.... it was in poor formation, meaning not all the bits that should have been sticking out were, in fact, sticking out.  So we called the vet to come out, as this was a mess beyond our capabilities. 

While waiting for the vet, we found the other cow, and her newborn calf.  No problem there, and we played with the little calfie for a little while.

Finally, the vet arrived, and the situation deteriorated rapidly.  I will spare you the details, but suffice it to say, the calf did not come out in one piece.

Just as we had finished up with this horrid situation, here comes another cow high-tailing it to the woodlot with a big bubble sticking out of her.  She wanted nothing to do with us, so we let her be, and she delivered a little calf with no problems.

So three little calfies in one day, which means the bull must have had a grand time one day about nine months ago.

Well, that was yesterday.

Today, bright and early, I took off to pick up Cowchild from college so he could come home between semesters.  Despite getting stuck on 2 lane roads behind some incredibly slow traffic, and two construction zones, I made good time and actually arrived a little earlier than planned.  Cowchild had been instructed to be ready to toss his stuff in the car and jump in.  Which he did.

We then had to drive to the metroplex for his orthodontist appointment, and I had my own list of errands to run while in the city.  All went well, and we finished everything in record time, and got back home, with 300 miles added to the odometer today.

So, two busy days, and no time to blog.  Maybe I will be able to get to it tomorrow.


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