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Monday, May 22, 2006

Sometimes it is better to do nothing and talk about it a whole lot

Paul at Power LIne has a good post on The Virtue of Being a "Do Nothing Congress."

He reports that while Fred Barnes contends that the House should pass an abomination of an immigration reform bill to match the Senate's bill,  Paul, to the contrary argues that the best chance of the GOP retaining House majority, is to make "sure that a Senate-style bill does not pass, and to campaign on the basis of (a) having blocked amnesty and inadequate border security provisions and (b) representing the only obstacle to that approach."  I would suggest that Paul is spot on.

No immigration reform is better than the mess the Senate has going.  It is worthy to note that immigration reform and securing the border and enforcing our laws do not necessarily have to go hand-in-hand.  Immigration has to do with people coming into this country legally.  Securing the border has to do with stopping people (and armies) from entering this country illegally for whatever reason (work, terrorism, free healthcare, etc.).  Enforcing our laws is what should be happening because we are a nation of laws, that is why we have laws. 


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