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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Officially weighing in as one very disappointed Cowgirl

UPDATE: Having had several days to think about things, and cool off, I've deleted some of my original post here. All we can do is the best we can do, and everything is in God's hands anyway. The best I can do is to continue with the faxes/emails/letters/phone calls, etc. to my elected officials, and work very hard on the border fence being built by MCDC. Everything else is out of my hands.

Original post minus some whining....
Well, it's official.  My President has let me down in a big way.

There was nothing new in his speech last night.  And there are no additional troops on the border this morning.

I am disgusted that the President is still lumping immigration and invasion into the same category.  I am livid that the Guard units, should they ever actually get to the border, will be backing up the Border Patrol, rather than enforcing the border militarily, with the BP cleaning up what traffic manages to evade our troops.

Clearly, the President .... my President .... the one I have supported, campaigned for, voted four times for ..... is completely out of step with the people like me, who have supported him, campaigned for him, and voted for him.

I will support John Cornyn in his next election, assuming he holds tough to his current position on the border issue.  I will not be voting for Kay Bailey Hutchinson unless she switches to Cornyn's position.  Art Loux is a Minuteman, and I will be supporting him until and unless KBH gets serious on enforcing the borders.  Rick Perry is toast in my book....milquetoast.  Unless he gets with it on the borders, I'm voting for Kinky.  At least Kinky will be an interesting governor. 


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