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Friday, May 12, 2006

Listen to the Glenn & Helen (Instapundit) interview

If you haven't listened to the Glenn and Helen Show (Instapundit) where they interview both Ken Mehlman and Michael Baron, you should do so now.  Click here for the dialup download.

The really bad part of this interview was the part with Ken Mehlman.  Clearly, the GOP just doesn't "get it" relating to the border issue.  They simply don't understand that WE KNOW that every day our border remains unsecured, the problem is worse by thousands more invaders crossing the border.  Everything Mehlman said was, "...we are going to do..." this and that, but what are they doing NOW?

I can not afford a Democratic administration or Congress.  The good news is that I would be on a news fast for as long as it takes to get rid of them, but I just really don't want to vote on the basis of, our guys are sucking watermelons, but the Dems are worse.  I would like something positive upon which to base my vote.

However, if the borders are not secured, and I mean SOON, I will have to determine that the GOP is not listening, and aren't going to listen, and are somehow simply clueless.

The GOP must secure the border NOW!  The rest of it can wait.


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