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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Legal immigrants want to be Americans but illegal aliens do not!

Good article by James Pinkerton at Newsday, "Wall buillders are winning the debate," in which he points out that not only did the intimidation of Americans by illegal aliens demanding citizen-rights not work, but it stiffened our resolve to rollback the policies of the "limousine-liberals" who founded the Great Society in the 1960's and have continued to foul things up ever since.

The combined result is that Americans will demand that legal immigrants become Americanized.

My comments:  This article is another example of comparing apples and oranges, with legal immigrants and illegal aliens being lumped into the same category.  Here is the key.  Legal immigrants want to become Americans, which is why they have spent thousands of dollars, submitted enough paperwork to sink a battleship, endured numerous background and health checks, and waited years (sometimes decades) to be allowed into this country.  As to the illegal aliens among us, who have been disregarding our laws since they stuck their first toe over the border, these people could care less what laws are passed, because they will continue to disregard our laws, with their toughest consequence being deportation, if they are caught.  In other words, illegal aliens are illegal.  What part of that very simple truth is so hard to understand?


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