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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Juan Waytrip says "Muchas gracias, U.S. Senate"

This is the letter I sent to Sen. Frist after receiving his email update (below) of this week's events in the Senate regarding the border/immigration.

Sen. Frist,
Thank you for your email update on this week's abominations relating to border security/immigration.

I believe our southern border is approx 2000 miles long.  Congratulations on authorizing fencing for 350 miles.  I'm sure that will help a lot.

Also congratulations on passing Sen. Cornyn's amendment excluding criminals from obtaining legal status.  I also note that in another amendment, illegals who have committed identity theft and numerous instances of fraud related thereto, are to be rewarded with full credit in our Social Security system for wages reported on said stolen identity.  So, do I understand that fraudulent use of a social security number is no longer a crime?  Or does this apply to non-citizen felons onlyl?

On its face, the amendment adopted restricting green card validation to employer sponsored applications sounds reasonable.  Why do I think there must be another amendment to negate this amendment?

I am completely disgusted with the Senate.  Sadly, my Sen. Cornyn appears to be Don Quixote trying to do what is necessary to actually solve this problem and the rest of you being the windmills flapping in the wind and stirring up a lot of hot air.

It would be far better for all of you, politically, to rescind the posse comitatus law to allow for troops to defend our border, and go for sealing the border and enforcing the laws we already have, rather than passing a bill that appears to be the biggest piece of BS I have ever seen.

You might remind your fellow Senators that your conservative constituents are not stupid.  We are livid at what has occurred in the Senate this past week, and consider that you are not only selling out your constituents, but also selling out your country.

Please, just secure the border and enforce the laws we have.  Everything else can wait until a non-election year, so that maybe the legislation wouldn't spell the end of our country as we know it.

Here is the text of Sen. Frist's email to me.  Look at the incredible spin on these issues!

Before Easter, the Senate began debate on a comprehensive immigration reform bill, and Republicans were prepared to strengthen the legislation with amendments making the American people safer and more secure. 

Shortly before recess, however, Democrats refused to allow any amendments.   For an issue this complex, important and controversial, that was simply unacceptable. 

My Republican colleagues and I refused to allow tactics of partisan obstruction to stand in the way of achieving meaningful immigration reform.  And when the Senate resumed consideration this week, we began offering amendments that have vastly improved the bill.

I invite you to take the opportunity to read through a few of the Republican amendments that passed with my support this week -- and consider how comprehensive immigration reform legislation might have looked without them.

Bill Frist

The Senate adopted an amendment by Senator Sessions that would direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to construct at least 370 miles of triple-layered fence and 500 miles of vehicle barrier at strategic locations along the southwest border.

The Senate approved an amendment by Senators Kyl, Graham, Cornyn and Allen to close a loophole in the bill that would allow criminal aliens to obtain legal status.  The amendment clarifies that any illegal alien who is ineligible for a visa, or who has been convicted of a felony or three misdemeanors, is ineligible for a green card.

The Senate voted in favor of an amendment by Senator Inhofe to require that English be declared the national language of the United States.  It also provides that the English language is the default language for government communication and that no person has a right to have the government communicate in any language other than English unless otherwise authorized or provided by law.  The amendment also establishes goals for the redesign of the ongoing naturalization exam requiring that those taking the test demonstrate an understanding of English and of American history.  Lastly, the amendment would change provisions in the bill that allow an unauthorized alien to meet the current English language exam by enrolling in an English language class.

The Senate adopted an amendment by Senator Cornyn to strike the ability of future temporary workers to obtain a green card by self-petitioning for one.  Green cards could only be obtained if an employer sponsored the application.


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