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Friday, May 26, 2006

Good Morning from Arizona

The Minute Chicks made it safely to Arizona yesterday afternoon.  After checking into the hotel, we enjoyed the swimming pool, and the very dry Arizona climate and gorgeous scenery.  The town we are staying at, Sierra Vista, is at the foot of some rugged hills, so the view is desert and high hills.  Add a clear blue sky, and a pina collada, and the result was some very happy Minute Chicks.

Later, we drove to the nearby town of Palominas where the Minuteman CDC operation will be head-quartered.  We ate at the Trading Post, which is a tiny little place in a tiny little town.  The food was great.  It is definitely worth planning lunch or dinner around if you are ever in the area.  There was a long list of homemade pies, but we decided to save that for pie and coffee sometime this afternoon.

We are light-hearted on this trip, but we are still doing serious work.  The border here is a rickety little one or two strand barbed wire nothing fence.  That's not any kind of a border as far as I'm concerned.  We did see some of the Border Patrol aerial surveillance equipment, which was interesting, but that is woefully insufficient for the sheer numbers of invaders crossing the border (rickety fence) here.

Today we will spend with other volunteers, to start the Minuteman Border Fence Project.  Tonight, we plan to post out on the now infamous Naco Line.  It will very interesting for us, since we understand that the operations are very different here than Texas.  I would imagine that operations must be tailored for each location if they are to be effective.

I was glad to note that Fox News has the MCDC as the lead story on its homepage.  Thanx Fox News! 

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