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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Cowgirl's Saturday News Roundup

I'm singularly uninterested in the news of the world today, being much more interested in helping plan the upcoming Minute Chicks Road Trip.  So, not wanting Cowgirl to slip to the bottom of the blogrolls, I am quickly going to run through the more interesting items in the Drudge Report with a biting comment or two.

1.  China Makes Artificial Rain for Beijing - without bothering to read anything but the headline, my first thought is, "Cool."

2.  Gov. Arnie is blaming Congress and the White House (a building?) for immigration protests.  Wonder what he would say if the Feds had rounded up all the illegals at those protest marches and sent them back to their homeland du jour?

3.  Plame gets $2.5 million advance on book deal.  So, I guess it does pay to betray your country.

4.  Gore promotes his ultimate action movie.  Right.

5.  City wants to invoke eminent domain on Walmart property.  Hope Walmart gets their lawyers on this, and takes it all the way back to the Supremes.  Seriously bad Supreme Court ruling that stomps the hell out of the Constitution.

6.  Bush says fight against terror is WWIII.  No shit.

7.  Moscow media says Cheney's speech marks new cold war.  Well, fine.  We kicked your ass the last time around, and you lost most of your territory; we can do it again.

8.  Students protest McCain at NY college.  Works for me.

9.  Panic as HIV cluster is discovered at resort.  Don't even want to read that article today.

10.  Stuff on Kennedys.  Who cares?  It's not like any of them will ever see the inside of a courtroom.

11.  Mission Impossible III made a bunch of money, and was disappointing.  Yawn.

12.  Nightmare on Downing Street.  Sorry about that, Tony.

Well, that's it.  Back to trip planning.


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