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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Catch & Release..... Si?

Tip leads Border Patrol to 91 illegal entrants in truck. You think maybe this is all escalating? If the BP only catches 1/4th of the invaders, that means around 300 made it safely. Note the article mentions that the invaders were from Mexico and Central America. Guess who has training camps in Central America?

Meanwhile, our esteemed Senate screws around passing one senseless amendment after another to a bill which should never have been born, and our borders remain unsecured during the GWOT.

It's just great that the President said he is sending 6000 troops to the border. It's too bad that they aren't there, and even if they were, their hands will be just as tied as the Border Patrol agents'.

Mass insanity inside the Beltway? Yep.

Are we in big trouble? Yep.


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