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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Will you pay for unbiased reporting?

Michael Totten has dazzled us with his independent reporting from the hotspots of the Middle East.  His stories and photographs portray an unbiased, non-agenda based, style of journalism, not much seen in recent years.
Michael is now at a crossroads of sorts.  In his most recent post, he asks:

What I need to know before I can do any of this is if you’re willing
to “hire” me to write about places other than Northern Iraqi Kurdistan. Can I turn this blog into a job? Or was I lucky just this one time?

Working for you in Northern Iraq was the best job I ever had. If you want unfiltered, unplugged, and unedited foreign correspondence from other places as well, hit the Pay Pal button and I’ll provide you with lots of it for a long time.

I am thrilled that an independent journalist can evidently do better financially by actually "reporting", unfettered by editors and agendas.  My question, is will we, the readers, be willing to pay for it?


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