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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

They're Still Not Getting It

Reuters reports that the President has threatened to veto a war-funds bill, bloated with all sorts of special goodies, in addition to the monies necessary for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and to re-build the Gulf Coast.  The President had requested about $92 billion.  The Senate, in its infinite wisdom, has added approximately another $14.5 billion, to cover things like moving a Mississippi railroad (pardon me:  shouldn't this have come under "transportation bill"?), offset expenses at a Gulf Coast shipyard (already covered by insurance), aid for farmers who have been the victims of weather-related disasters (ever heard of crop insurance?), and funds for the U.S. fishing industry (can't even imagine what that's about.... either the fish are where you are fishing, or they aren't... hmmm...).

While it is true that the rank and file Republicans are displeased with the pork-laden legislation of the past years,  Rep. Jeff Flake (AZ-R) blamed such budget busting legislation as the reason, "... we're in the tank.." with voters.

Let me give you Beltway Bozos a cluebat:  You are in the tank with voters because you are acting like Democrats.  You are not only spending our hard-earned money on pork-barrel projects, but you are wasting it as well with all your investigations and manuvering, sending letters to constituents rather than replying to emails via email.  You have accomplished exactly nothing worthwhile that I can think of.  Worst of all, you are not a cohesive group against the whiney, loud-mouthed Democrats and the GOP-hating MSM.  We are totally disgusted with you.  Frivilous spending sticks in the craw, but that isn't the sole reason you are "in the tank."

Speaking of "in the tank", reminds me of gas tanks, which reminds me of the number one reason the GOP is losing support.  Let me explain this clearly, so that even the most mentally challenged BB (Beltway Bozo) can understand.  When you are a regular person, you generally have a budget.  That budget includes certain amounts of money each month set aside for:  housing, utility bills, food, clothing, and gasoline.  We will call these the "necessities."  Whatever is left over (if any), is either saved or spent.  Many people are cutting it pretty close to the line.  When one or more of the necessities listed doubles or triples in price, it breaks the budget, and there is no left over money, and there may not even be enough money for the necessities. 

The price of gasoline affects not only filling up our vehicles, but it also affects the price of other goods that we buy.  You see, it is rare that something is produced out behind the store that we buy it at.  Which means, that it must be shipped in from somewhere.  Lacking the powers of teleportation, gasoline or diesel is used to transport those goods, and the increased cost of same are added into the cost of said goods to the end-user (consumer).  So, here's the deal.  Because of the high cost of gasoline, all the other bills have increased as well.

Are you getting it yet?  The economy is roaring, but wages have not increased to compensate for the rapid rise in the costs of necessities to the average person.  This is the number one reason the GOP is in the tank with the voters right now.

The worst part, is that it is easily fixable by "The Decider."  The President has the power to declare a national emergency and repeal the Federal gasoline taxes.  That would provide instant relief for the average person.  It is just that easy.

The other reason the GOP is in the tank is because 5 years into the GWOT, our borders have not been secured.  We have demanded/ howled/ faxed/emailed/ phoned/ snail-mailed letters/ and demonstrated by way of the Minuteman CDC, the effectiveness of boots on the ground.  While we are no longer being ignored, nothing is being done to stop the 24/7 invasion of our country by illegal aliens.  We, the people, are not stupid, and the BB's continue to insult our intelligence.  Here's the cluebat, seal our borders now, and enforce the laws we already have.  Then, you can take your time with the rest of the so-called "immigration reform."  We do realize that immigration and invasion are two different things.  It is apparent the BB's don't understand that very important point.

The bottom line is that the GOP BB's are acting like Democrats, wasting our money and endangering our country.  Unlike the rank and file Democrats, Republicans hold their elected representatives accountable.  And we are beyond disappointed.

In order to maintain Republican control in the House and Senate in November, here are a few things the GOP must do ASAP.

1.  Effect an immediate decrease in the price of gasoline.  Just do it.
2.  Seal our borders immediately, and enforce the laws we have (both as to deportation of illegal aliens and to employers of illegal aliens).
3.  Stop all unnecessary spending.  Giving the President line-item-veto power would be a good start there.
4.  Act like you are all on the same team.  Reign in the renegade GOP or banish them from the party.  Stick together and go on the offensive against the socialist whiners of the Democratic Party and the MSM.

Doesn't look to difficult to me.  It's called, "doing the job you were elected to do."  If you fail to do so, you will be looking for a new job come November.


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