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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sample letter or email to Beltway Bozos re: instant solution to gasoline prices

Dear Sen. Frist and Speaker Hastert,

Please do not waste our tax money asking the President for investigations on the high cost of gasoline.  We already understand that the price of gasoline is tied to the world market price of oil.  We also understand that based on the economic principles of supply and demand, when the world demand for oil is increased, so is the price.

Accordingly, here is the solution to this problem.  Ask the President to repeal the Federal taxes on gasoline.  He does have the authority to do this.  Such action will cut the price per gallon to the consumer about in half, which, while still high, is affordable for most people with vehicles.  An added bonus, it that the relief to the consumers will be immediate, thereby allowing people to continue going to work, take summer vacations, and with an added bonus to the GOP, that the people who elected you might feel a little more kindly toward you on election day.

This solution is swift, simple, and expedient.  The people who sent you to Washington demand you take this action.

Very truly yours,

Sen. Frist's email address

Speaker Hastert's email address

And, just to give the President a "heads-up" about this, here is his email address.


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